Monday, July 20, 2009

National Pride Cubs

The National Pride set fixes a big disappointment from last year. The big insert set from A & G last year was the states set, 50 cards. I used the cards in my classroom to help the kids learn their state capitals. But NONE of the 50 cards featured a Cubs player. I got some grief from the kids about that.

But now I know why there weren't any Cubs in that set -- they are all foreigners! The National Pride set has 75 cards and a whopping six are Cubs. Zero Americans last year, six foreigners this year.

On to the cards:

Here are the Canadians, Ryan Dempster and Rich Harden.

Alfonso Soriano, Dominican Republic

Kosuke Fukudome, Japan

Geovany Soto, Puerto Rico

Carlos Zambrano, Venezuela

Here's a strange thing: the Fukudome, Harden, and Soriano cards use the same drawing as the base card, while Demster, Soto, and Zambrano have different ones. I don't have my complete set yet, so I can't answer this. Is this about right for the entire 75 cards, half using different and half using the same drawing?


  1. I would have to research the different drawing part of it, but I will tell you this set seems pretty hard to complete. I am on my third box and it seems like I get a clump of early numbers, then a clump of late numbers...but nothing in the middle. I guess thats how Topps inserted them, so each box you get a run of consecutive numbered cards. My boxes contain the fringes.

  2. I think these cards are very cool. I was at a bunch of the WBC games this year and sitting there was a special feeling. No better honor than playing for your country.