Tuesday, October 12, 2010

1978 SSPC Cubs

In 1976, Sports Star Publishing Company (SSPC) issued a 630 card set. However, they didn't have permission from the players union or MLB, and the set was pulled from the market. There must have been a ton already released, because I picked up the Cubs set pretty easily.

Two years later, they were back in business, this time with all of the necessary licenses. But they changed formats and instead, the cards were issued only as team sets and only as full page inserts in a magazine they called "All Star Gallery 1978."

Team sets were printed for only a handful of teams: Dodgers, Rangers, Reds, White Sox, Red Sox, Angels, Royals, and Cubs. 27 cards were made for each of the ten teams, meaning 270 cards in the set. Two more teams, the Phillies and Yankees, had separate magazines with another 27 cards.

I picked up the Cubs' version of the magazine two weeks ago for only $6.00. The 27 cards were still in their original tri-fold insert in the magazine. There are no perforations to punch the cards out, just lines on the backs. Right now I haven't cut the cards out, and I haven't decided whether to do so or not. Any thoughts?

All of the big names from the 1978 Cubs were included in the set. It looks like all of the pictures were taken at the Cubs spring training camp in Scottsdale in 1978, since all of the players are wearing the home uniform.

Today I'll give you a look at the position players and tomorrow it will be the pitchers.

Outfielder Larry Biittner

First baseman Bill Buckner

Outfielder Gene Clines

Catcher Larry Cox

Outfielder Hector Cruz

Shortstop Ivan DeJesus

Catcher Mike Gordon

Outfielder Greg Gross

Utility infielder Mick Kelleher

Left Fielder Dave Kingman

Utility infielder Rudy Meoli

Outfielder Bobby Murcer

Third Baseman Steve Ontiveros

Catcher Dave Rader

Tarzan Joe Wallis

And as a bonus, here's the skipper, Herman Franks


  1. What A Find I never heard of this set before.

  2. Great post.I bought all 10 for $2 apeice back in 1978,I loved them ,just wished that they would have made the other 16 teams.

  3. What, no Manny Trillo?

    Great set, though! You don't see these very much.

  4. That was my initial reaction too!! lol

  5. 5 years since the last post, but...I bought a set of all 10 magazines and kept them intact, but then I started to see more beat up magazines with intact cards or in one case just the sheet. So I started a second collection of them that I sliced apart using a paper cutter. (Don't use scissors--they get way too crooked.) So now I am two team sets away from having the whole set sliced. I am storing it with my 1976 SSPC set since they are so similar.

  6. I’m looking for White Sox. Any ideas where I might find one? Thanks

  7. eBay regularly has all of them. If the are not up now, set up a saved search and one will eventually show up.