Friday, June 3, 2011

TCMA All Time Cubs 1979

Two years after their first All Time Cubs set was released, TCMA put out another one. The big question would have to be, why? Because just like the '77 set, there were 12 cards in the '79 set. The players? They were the exact same 12. So two years after a release, TCMA puts out the exact same set! I wonder how many of them were sold?

The design was slightly different, but not different enough to warrant a new set. I really would like to know the the folks at TCMA were thinking. About the only positive is that they used different photos on nine of the 12 cards, and on the three repeats, they at least cropped them differently.

One other oddity about the set is that it is not listed in the Standard Catalog. There is a Tigers team set listed and it has the same design as the Cubs. I wonder why the Cubs were omitted?

Well, you get to see what the catalog didn't, the 1979 TCMA All Time Cubs:

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  1. This is the blog entry that got me started reading your blog from the beginning. Another Banks collector, knowing that I need this card, sent me the link. It's one of only two pre-1980 Banks cards I need (the Venezuelan Cubs Clubbers is the other).