Thursday, June 30, 2011

Timeless Teams: 1969 Cubs

This set came from Upper Deck and featured seven Cubs from the 1969 team. But of course, I've got a problem here. The cards commemorate the 1969 season, but three of the pictures on the cards are from other years. Dumb!

Ernie Banks, in a picture that is from the latest, 1956, which was the last season the Cubs wore a wishbone C on their hat.

Billy Williams, from 1972 -1974, since he is wearing a pullover jersey.

Fergie Jenkins, this was taken from Fergie's second go-around with the Cubs, 1982-1983. But at least its a color photo!

Ron Santo, this could be from 1969, but it could also be 1970 or 1971. I'll give Upper Deck the benefit of the doubt.

Jim Hickman, like Santo, could be 1969

The last two cards are the only two that are identifiable as 1969, with baseball centennial patches on their sleeve. And one of the two is in color.

Randy Hundley

Ken Holtzman, in the best looking card of the bunch, although the picture is from Shea.

I guess Upper Deck really wanted to pay tribute to the 1969 Cubs, because they, like the '69 Cubs, choked!

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  1. The Timeless Teams set is cool, but Upper Deck really botched the "appropriate photo with the appropriate year" concept throughout the set. Possibly the worst example of this ever.