Friday, June 28, 2013

The Nine New from Ninety-Four

As promised, today I've got the nine additions to the 1994 Cubs Photo Cards checklist.

You'll notice that the card numbers skip around.  That would mean that the Cubs didn't pass them out in numerical order, but passed over some.

#15 Harry Caray.  This is the only horizontal card among my fourteen...maybe of the entire set.  Its odd that they didn't pass out Harry's card, but did give out Thom Brennaman's.  The picture was taken in the left of the desk microphone is the 1989 Cubs media guide.

#16 Steve Trachsel...This is the oddest of the set, which according to the Beckett checklist, would be Trachsel's second in the set.

#18 Derrick May

#23 Rey Sanchez...took over at second when Sandberg retired

#25 Anthony Young...he was 1-16 for the '93 Mets, so of course that makes him attractive to the Cubs, who go out and trade for him.

#26 Willie Banks...not the Banks card I was hoping for!

#27 Dan working for the MLB Network

#28...Billy Williams!!!!!  This looks like spring training 1969...he's got the patch that Cubs wore on their right sleeve in 1968, but back then, teams didn't break out their new unis until Opening Day.

#30 Jim Bullinger

So there you go....nine new ones

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  1. I think I have one of those Trachsels hanging might have been given away on one of the road show Cubs Caravans way back when. I will see if I can find it and what number it is.