Saturday, August 31, 2013

All Eleven Aunt Millies Cards

Take a look at the complete eleven card Aunt Millies Great Moments in Cubs History set:



You would think that a set from this year wouldn't be too hard to complete, but this was quite a doozy to put together.....I'm glad it's finished.

Yesterday I had a tease about finding the difference between my Theo card, which came directly from the factory, and all the other cards, which came from loaves of bread.  Scroll up and look carefully over the cards and you should find two differences.

Difference #1:  The cards that came in the bread have rounded corners and a slight crown at the top of the card.  You can see the black from the scanner in each corner.  My Theo card was completely square.

Difference #2:  In the upper left hand corner, the bread cards were all numbered...

....this is the number on my Darwin Barney card.  My Theo card doesn't have a number.

I'm guessing that when Aunt Millies had extra cards printed, they went the cheap route and didn't bother with the special corner cuts or numbers.

That leads to two my set really complete since my Theo card is slightly different...and...should a super collector go after a set of the squared corner cards

My answers....I'm done!!!  My Theo is close enough and after the headaches with the numbered cards, there's no chance I'm going after the no-numbers!


  1. I agree. I think you're done as well!
    Although, knowing you, you'll probably look for a no-number Barney.

  2. Hadn't thought about that, but now that you mention it...

    I'll see the mom at school on Tuesday.

  3. technically you are complete. A purest set collector would go for both, a finicky Completest would probably just try to find a rounded corner #2 card to have a consistent set. On the other hand since they were in bread packs vs. direct some people would go for the full cornered direct set. Me I'd probably try to find a rounded corner #2 for consistency then trade or sell the sharp cornered one.

  4. I was able to buy one loaf before the cards disappeared. Inside I found 2 Theos (consecutively numbered), so I have a numbered one for you if you want it. Also, it's good to know that there's a Kerry Wood (or two if you count the square version) that I have to hunt.

    1. I'd love to have your extra Theo....I'll shoot you an email.

  5. Hiw much is #4 of the Aunt Millies collector cards worth

  6. I have a complete set with numbers, rounded corners and still in the protective sleeve that protected the card while in the bread bag. Where can I find an accurate appraisal of the complete set?