Saturday, November 16, 2013

Super Billy...Tiny Billy...And All Sorts of In-Between

When I think of a baseball collectible, a 2½" by 3½" piece of cardboard is what comes to mind.

Last week I had a post on the 1970 Billy Williams Topps Super card.  It was definitely not 2½" by 3½"---it was a super-sized 3 1/8" by 5 1/4".  Coincidentally, that is the same size as the 1964 Topps Giant cards.

The Super card led to a thought about any other non-standard size items I've got in my Billy Williams collection.  It was a surprise to me just how many of these oddball sized pieces are in my collection.

This is many, but not all.

I've got tall, skinny tickets, over-sized team issued cards, 3D Kelloggs cards, Milton Bradley, Bazooka, Milk Duds, Ginter minis, baseball bucks, and small stamps.  And lets toss in three different sized discs, too.

That's quite a variety of shapes and sizes.

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  1. Don't know if it was on purpose, but there's a nice variety of photos used too.