Thursday, August 22, 2019

2005 Reflections Cubs

The 2005 version of Reflections was quite different from the 2004 debut set.  It was smaller by nearly 100 cards, from 390 down to 286.  The jerseys and autographs were no longer part of the base set.  All the numbered base cards were regular cards.  The first 200 were in the original release and the final 86 were in the update.

The 2005 set also included retired players.


Too bad they couldn't find a color picture for Ernie. That black and white doesn't look good.

Twelve modern Cubs were on the checklist, including five rookies with the "Future Reflections" tag.  Only one of the five did much for the Cubs, Geovany Soto.  The rest were busts.


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

2004 Reflections Cubs

Most of the older sets that I've picked up over the past six months have been oddballs, one-and-dones, and logoless.  Today I've got one that is from a major company, lasted two years, and has logos.

Upper Deck issued a set called "Reflections" in 2004 and 2005.  Below are the Cubs from 2004.  The full set consists of 390 cards, but they are broken down into several subsets.
#1-100: regular cards
#101-130: Rookie Reflections
#131-298: Jersey cards, in four different levels
#298-340: Autograph cards
#341-390: Update series Rookies

You don't often see jersey and autographs numbered as part of the main set.  When I put my Cubs set together, I skipped the jerseys and autographs and picked up just the regular cards.  Among the 280 regular cards are eleven Cubs.





Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Oops... Awesome! The 2019 Allen & GInter Mini Cubs

I love it when mistakes turn into a positive....

I recently saw a mini version of the Cubs 2019 Ginter set.  It was at a decent price so I grabbed it.  Since I wasn't getting Ginter from Brentandbecca this year, I was proud of myself for getting the cards from one seller at a decent price.

I put the cards into a tobacco card sheet and really liked the look of it... don't they look awesome!  In fact, I like the look of it better that the regular Ginter cards.  After all, the original Ginter was a tobacco product.

I wondered what this set looked like compared to other Ginter sets, so I grabbed the binder to compare.  That's when I had my "oops" moment.

Turns out I have never done the Ginter minis.

I just assumed I got those with all the other stuff from Brent and I assumed incorrectly.

But I really like the looks of the minis. So...

A new quest!

I've been shopping at Sportlots, Ebay, Beckett, and COMC and have found all of the Ginter Cubs minis going back to the first set in 2006.  They are arriving in spurts.  Once I have them all in hand I'll take a year by year look at them.

Monday, August 19, 2019

2019 Finest Cubs Inserts

There were just three insert sets in 2019 Finest.  That seems like a very low number- and a very reasonable number!

Ian Happ is among the Blue Chips.  Since he spent more than half of the season in AAA, he should be a lesser color chip.  What color would that be?


Two Cubs made the Prized Performer set and they belong there!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Five Random Cubs Cards

I've got 17,141 Cubs cards from 200 different brands listed on a spreadsheet. A random number generator picked five cards, one each from the past several decades.

1900s - 1970s: 1964 Topps #237 Cubs Team  The card is from the 1964 set but the picture that Topps used is on the 1959 Cubs.  Almost all of the players in the picture were no longer with the Cubs. 

1980s: 1988 Donruss #9 Andre Dawson  A good choice for the Cub's 1988 Diamond King - the 1987 National League MVP

1990s: 1990 Pacific Legends #58 Billy Williams  Billy was included in all three of the Pacific Legends sets.  The 1990 set was the last, and it looks like a 1966 or 1967 Billy in front of the dugout at Wrigley Field.

2000s: 2006 Upper Deck #86 Wade Miller This is one of two cards from Miller in the 2006 set.  A later version shows in a Cub uniform.

2010s: 2011 Topps #502 Jeff Baker Limited Edition Factory Set Topps cranked out all sorts of different parallels and sets in their 60th anniversary year.  This is the Diamond Anniversary set with the Topps logo replaced by the anniversary logo.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Ralston Purina Cubs

I'm taking a break today for all the 2019 stuff I've been showing lately.  Let's go back 30+ years.

The Ralston Purina Company put out three sets in the 1980's.  The first came out in 1984 and it was produced by Topps.  It included logos, but it didn't include any Cubs.

Their second set came out three years later.  This time they had a Cub, but no logos, as the cards were made by MSA instead of Topps

The final Purina set was issued in 1989.  It was again a logo-less MSA set and had one Cub.

Dawson replaced Ryno.  MSA also snuck a tiny bit of the Cubs chest logo.

Friday, August 16, 2019

2019 Topps Total Wave 4 Cubs

Here's the fourth wave from Topps Total


Four cards this time, and in A-B-C-D order!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

2019 Topps Finest Cubs

Topps Finest came out in early June, so I'm really late with this.  It flew under my radar and I just recently picked up the Cubs cards.  The good thing with the delay is that the cards were easily available on Sportlots for 18¢ each.  With just three Cubs base cards, it was a very inexpensive team set.

Topps didn't go out on a limb with their selection of Cubs... Baez, Bryant, and Rizzo were pretty safe choices!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Yu Follows the Rule

I've been on a roll with the rule-following autographs!  Here's another recent addition:

Yu Darvish follows the rule... the card has a certified autograph, showing Yu as a Cub (actually, as a "Chicago") in a year he played for the Cubs.  It comes from Panini's 2019 Immaculate Collection.  You can see that it is a combo card, with a jumbo patch too.  And it is 3/5, so there aren't a lot of these out there.

I now have a rule-following autograph for 14 of the players on the Cubs current 25-man roster, and 137 cards in the complete collection.

Terry AdamsMatt GarzaBob Patterson
Arismendy Alcantara  Leo GomezEric Patterson
Albert AlmoraTom GorzelannyCorey Patterson
Moises AlouKevin GreggDavid Patton
Jake ArrietaAngel GuzmanCarlos Pena
Javier BaezJason HammelBilly Petrick
Darwin BarneyTodd HaneyFelix Pie
Francis BeltranIan HappLou Piniella
David BoteBrendan HarrisMark Prior
Milton BradleyKevin HartBrooks Raley
Roosevelt BrownJose HernandezAramis Ramirez
Kris BryantJason HeywardAnthony Rizzo
Scott BullettBobby HillHenry Rodriguez
Freddie BynumRich HillHenry Rodriguez
Marlon ByrdMicah HoffpauirChris Rusin
Jeimer CandelarioCesar IzturisAddison Russell
Victor CaratiniBrett JacksonJeff Samardzija
Andrew CashnerReed JohnsonRey Sanchez
Larry CassianJacque JonesRyne Sandberg
Frank CastilloMatt KarchnerKyle Schwarber
Welington CastilloDavid KeltonScott Servais
Starlin CastroBrooks Kieschnick   Jorge Soler
Ronny CedenoBryan LaHairAlfonso Soriano
Rocky CherryTommy LaStellaSammy Sosa
Matt ClementJunior LakeGeovany Soto
Steve ClevengerDerrek LeeSteve Smyth
Buck CoatsJon LeiberMatt Szczur
Tyler ColvinJon LesterRyan Theriot
Willson ContrerasCole LiniakOzzie Timmons
Juan CruzGreg MadduxSteve Trachsel
Yu DarvishDave MagadanDuane Underwood
Wade DavisDillon MaplesJermaine Van Buren
Blake DeWittCarlos MarmolJosh Vitters
Rafael DolisSean MarshallTodd Walker
Scott DownsScott MooreTodd Wellemeyer
Jason DubuoisMatt MurtonRandy Wells
Carl EdwardsRod MyersTurk Wendell
Kyle FarnsworthThomas NealJerome Williams
Mike FontenotRoberto NovoaKerry Wood
Kevin FosterJames NorwoodTravis Wood
Dexter FowlerWill OhmanMichael Wuertz
Kyuji FujikawaAugie OjedaCarlos Zambrano
Kosuke FukudomeMike OltRob Zastryzny
Sam FuldRyan O'MalleyBen Zobrist
Sean GallagherKevin OrieJulio Zuleta
Nomar Garciaparra Angel Pagan

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

2019 National Baseball Card Day Cubs

Topps held their annual National Baseball Card Day last week.  Among the promotions were packs of cards given away at the major league ballparks.  The Cubs were on the road, so their National Baseball Card Day packs were given out at Wrigley the previous weekend.

The Cubs set consists of ten cards.  The cards were given out in packs of four.  You needed to be friendly with you neighbors at the ballpark if you wanted a complete set.

Or you could go to Ebay.

I went to Ebay.






The set turned out very nicely.  The ten players are names that are worthy of inclusion.  No bogus rookies made the set.  The cards all have a vertical layout, which is always a plus for me.  Since the cards were given away at Wrigley Field, all the pictures Topps used were from Wrigley Field.

Well done, Topps!