Saturday, December 7, 2019

Looking Back at 2011

Total Number of Cubs cards in the collection from 2011: 560, which ranks 4th out of the ten years.  This was an anniversary year for Topps and I went all in on the parallels - cognac, diamond, gold, Walmart, I had them all.  I also went after all of the autographs, relics, and patch cards.  The total number of Topps cards, 274, was nearly double the next highest Topps number in the decade.

Total Number of brands collected: 17 - the lowest number of brands for the decade.  Two brands made their debut, Gypsy Queen and Lineage.  GQ continues today, while Lineage was one and done.  The Darwin Barney player collection was off and running in 2011, with 45 cards.

Brands and number of Cubs cards:
Topps - 274
Allen & Ginter - 46
Attax - 12
Bowman - 27
Chrome - 9
Factory team set - 17
Finest - 32
Gypsy Queen - 29
Heritage - 19
Lineage - 18
Opening Day - 9
Pro Debut - 18
Relics - 1
Topps Stickers - 10

Darwin Barney - 45
Andre Dawson - 1
Ryne Sandberg - 2

The player with the most cards:  Starlin Castro - 61 cards.  Topps was all-in on Starlin Castro!

The nastiest looking card:

When you have 61 cards of a player, one is bound to be a dud.  This is a dud, with the droopy eye and weird smile.

My favorite card:

I was all in on Castro, too.  This card is the diamond parallel.  I like how he is turning the double play.  I wonder if the slide would be legal today?

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  1. The numbers you're reporting are wonderful. 2011 has the 4th most cards in your collection from the decade, but the fewest number of brands. You did go parallel crazy!
    I think my favorite is the Kerry Wood card in which he is waving his cap.