Friday, December 6, 2019

Looking Back at 2010

Total Number of Cubs cards in the collection from 2010:  317 cards (this was the lowest total of the decade)

Total Number of brands collected: 24 brands (I include autographs, relics, and the five players I collect - Banks, Barney, Dawson, Sandberg, and Willilams, as brands)

Brands and number of Cubs cards:
Topps - 110
Allen & Ginter - 27
Autographs - 3
Attax - 9
Bowman - 29
Chrome - 11
Factory team set - 17
Finest - 4
Heritage - 19
Hall of Fame Postcards - 1
Opening Day - 9
Pepsi - 1
Pro Debut - 16
Relics - 3
T206 - 13
Team Issued - 1
Turkey Red - 7
Upper Deck - 20
Ernie Banks - 3
Darwin Barney - 2
Andre Dawson - 1
Billy Williams - 2

Topps was the brand winner, tripling up on the next closest set.

The player with the most cards: Derrek Lee, 24 cards.

The nastiest-looking card:  This was easy.

How could anyone at Topps have thought that this was a good-looking card?

My favorite card:  I ended up with one featuring my favorite player in 2010, Derrek Lee.

Lee always had such pleasant looking pictures, the background is blue, it's a Ginter mini.... all very good stuff!


  1. 2010 Topps was probably the best design of the decade for the Flagship. My favorite set was the T-206. I remember wanting Starlin Castro rookie card, after that great first game that he had (6 RBIs)

  2. Oy. That Fukudome is the worst. Good choice on the DLee mini!

  3. Not sure if this was brought up in another post (I'm way behind as you can tell), but that Derrek Lee tile has a couple of non-Derrek Lee's in it. Still looking forward to the rest of the years though!