Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Cubs 2015 Gypsy Queen Inserts

There are five insert sets in this year's Gypsy Queen that could have included a Cub.  They only made it into one of the five.

Walk-Off Cubs... I suppose you need to win some games to get a walk-off winner
Glove Cubs... Their only recent Gold Glove winner in now a Dodger, an Oklahoma City Dodger
Pillars of the Cubs... Anthony Rizzo, who does some great work with his foundation, would have been an appropriate addition to the checklist.
Laces Around the Cubs.... these are mostly the big names.  Kris Bryant next year?
The Queen's Throwbacks..TWO CUBS!!!  The Cubs wore throwbacks almost a dozen times last year, so there's no way to keep them out of this set.


But my, those are some ugly looking cards!

The Castro picture is from June 13 when the Phillies and Cubs threw back to 1964.

Rizzo is in the Chi-Fed uniform that the Cubs wore on Wrigley Field's 100th birthday, April 23, 2014.

The color pictures look awesome.

The monochrome Gypsy Queen cards do not look awesome.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

2015 Gypsy Queen Cubs

Brentandbecca has delivered once again.  Hopefully this isn't the last time.  Ebay is making some changes for sellers that will affect Brent's bottom line in a negative way and he has been talking about getting out of the case busting game.  He's been awfully good for the hobby and I hope he finds a way to make it work for him.

We are now on year five of Gypsy Queen.  I said it five years ago, and I haven't really changed my mind, but....why do we need Gypsy Queen if we already have Allen & Ginter.  Isn't one old-time tobacco company set enough?

I guess not!

The Cubs were give eight players on the 350 player  checklist, which is a little below average.


Three of the Cubs are retired.  All three of these guys have been in Gypsy Queen multiple times.  Time for some new blood.  How about Ron Santo??  One little quibble with the Banks card:  the picture is from his time as a Cubs coach, not from his active player days.  It's probably from 1973, the first spring the Cubs wore the pullover jerseys and Ernie's final camp as a coach.


Here are the five active Cubs in this year's Gypsy Queen.  No surprises at all.  When the set was being put together a few months ago, these are all the guys you figured would be major contributors.

Javier Baez is the dud among the group.  He has returned after taking some time off due to the death of his sister.  He's gone to Arizona for a little work before he rejoins the AAA team in Iowa.  Hopefully he'll be able to get back on track.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Why Were These Made....Who Would Buy Them??

The resurrected Leaf brand has been around for a few years now.  They do their best with their unlicensed products.  But sometimes, I see what they've made and I'm just left scratching my head.

Case in point....these.

These are cut signature cards, 1 of 1.  I guess they get away with the logos since they are using cut materials.

But why on earth would anyone want to buy these two cards, especially at the BIN price of $89.99??

The autographs came from the Perez Steele postcard sets that were put out in the '80s and 90's. (read more about them here).  Anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 of each were made.  It seems like hundreds were autographed too.  You can pick up a signed card of either of these for $10 - $20 each.  Graded versions can be found for around $30.

So why would Leaf take perfectly good postcards and cut them up?  And why would anyone want to buy a cut up postcard when you could just as easily buy the real deal, at a lower price?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

2015 Museum Mr. Cub

The 2015 edition of Topps Museum came out in early April.  Each pack of five cards contains either a relic or an autograph.  A four-pack box nets you a Canvas Collection insert, a jumbo relic. a quad relic, an autograph, and an autographed relic.  And all that for the low-low price of $199.

Twenty cards for 200 bucks is not for me.  Cherry-picking for my player collection is more my speed.   Ernie Banks is the only pc guy on the 100 player checklist so I had a fairly easy task.

I picked up his base card and the blue parallel, which was /99.  I love the blue parallels when they are paired with a picture of the player in the Cubs home uniform.  All that blue looks fantastic!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sandberg Colla

No, Sandberg Colla is not a new soft drink.

Southern California photographer Barry Colla began releasing 12-card single player card sets in 1990.  His 1991 releases included Ryne Sandberg and I've got his twelve cards today.

There were 15,000 of the Sandberg sets made and they can be found today for a pretty reasonable price.  I think I paid about five bucks for mine.

The cards came in this nifty cardboard box. Mine got a bit mangled because the box is big enough to hold 20-25 cards.  With only 12 inside, there was too much empty space and the box got crushed a bit.  It wasn't a big deal since I won't be keeping the cards in the box anyway.


It's nice that all the pictures were taken at the Friendly Confines. It looks like the 10th and 11th cards have pictures from the Home Run Derby at the 1990 All-Star game at Wrigley Field.  Sandberg is batting but not wearing a helmet.  There are also a bunch of players in American League uniforms sitting along the wall.  

Sandberg actually won the derby that year, so yeah Ryno!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thanks, Tom!

Fellow  Cub fan Tom from Waiting 'Til Next Year is one of the most giving bloggers out there.  I too was a recent recipient of his generosity.

Tom emailed me and told me not to get this 2015 Leaf Heroes of Baseball Billy as he was going to send it my way.  That was pretty easy for me since I wasn't even aware the card existed.  Leaf has a real nice full bleed color shot of Billy at spring training.  I'd guess this would be from 1969 or 1970.  All the card needs to be perfect is a C on his helmet.

It's amazing to me how much a single little detail missing from a card makes it look so unusual.  I guess we're so used to seeing the logo on the helmet that when it's gone our brains start to short-circuit.  Adding the C makes the card near-perfect.

Tom also sent a few Rynos to add to my growing Sandberg player collection.



There's a couple Topps stickers and a couple oddballs.

Thanks for everything, Tom!

Monday, April 20, 2015

One Last Look At All the Media Guides

Today I'm finishing my look at all the Cubs Roster Books / Media Guides.  I've put together a tile of the entire run, from 1958 through 2015.

Making the tile presented a few problems.  When I make a tile, I try to keep things the dimensions correct.  That got complicated by the different sized books, causing me to
split things a little. The first ten are the smallest books. so they are one tile.  That explains all the empty space at the end of row two.

The next section would be all the 9" books. There are 32 of them.  In 2000, the books got wider.  To keep the proportions the same, I switched from eight books per row (4.5" x 8 = 36") to six books (6" x 6 = 36").  By doing this, all of the books are in correct proportion and you can see the smaller and then longer, and wider books.

Once I had all the math figured out, it was easy to make the tile.

Enjoy the look at the books!

Back to cards tomorrow.