Saturday, December 3, 2016

1978 Vs Topps Then and Now

Just a quick look at the original 1978 managers card and the 2016 Topps Now version

It's pretty close, but as always, there are differences.
  • The biggest difference would be that the original was for one person, while the new version has two.
  • The font used on the top of the  card is different. The original is more stylized, while the new is pretty plain
  • The font on the bottom of the original card was larger and bolder than on the new card
  • The original Cubs name was thicker and a darker shade compared to the updated version.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Then and Now Billy Williams

I've stayed away from Topps Now thus far.  The initial price per card scared me away, and then with the success the Cubs had, more and more cards were made and I quickly realized that I'd never be able to afford to catch up.

I did make an exception, though.

This was picked up for my Billy Williams collection.  It comes from the special Thursday Then and Now cards.  I got mine second hand, off of Ebay instead of from Topps, which I believe saved me a few bucks.

While I'm happy to add another Billy card, I'm still scratching my head Topps pairing of him with Ben Zobrist...

  • Billy spent almost his entire career with the Cubs; Zobrist has been with the team for one.
  • Billy was a left handed batter while Zobrist is  a switch hitter
  • Billy had a sweet swing, while Zobrist has that funky wiggle before he takes a rip.
  • Billy played left field while Zobrist spent most of the season at second base, with a little outfield thrown in.
  • Billy hit for power, averaging 28 homers per season, Zobrist averages ten less
  • Billy is in the Hall of Fame, Zobrist would only make the Hall of Versatility.
And what do they have in common?
  • Billy played for the Cubs, Zobrist played for the Cubs.
I guess that is good enough.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

All I've Got of Them: The Other Williams'

I have the same problem with Billy Williams as I do with Ernie Banks...other Cub players with the same last name.  In fact, with Billy the problem is five times worse....there are five other Williams in my collection besides Billy.

You could probably name two of them...

...Mitch Williams and Jerome Williams.

But the other three, no.  We're talking seriously hard-core fans to come up with them.  In fact, I have just one card for each of the three.

This one was from this year's Heritage Minor, so there is a very slight chance you'd remember Ryan Williams.


If you said you knew Cy Williams and Dana Williams....I don't believe you!

I've got a total of 34 other Williams in my collection.  The cards in the tile are arranged alphabetically by their first name.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

All I've Got of Him: The Other Banks

I have all of my Cubs cards scanned.  The file names include the year, brand, and last name of the player.  Using this system gets me into a little trouble each time I search for Ernie Banks cards.  Searching for the last name Banks brings up more than just Ernie.  It also brings up the other Banks, Willie.

I've inadvertently included Willie cards in an Ernie tile because I forget to get Willie out.  Yesterday I did the opposite. I made a tile of just the Willie cards.  I hope I didn't skip over any of his cards.

I've come up with 24 different Willie Banks cards in my collection.  For a guy that was with the Cubs for just parts of two seasons, that is alot of cards.  Willie's time at Wrigley was 1994 and 1995, the tail end of the junk wax era.  That is the reason for so many cards.... too many cards of a guy that was 8-13 with an ERA north of 6.  

Ernie was Mr. Cub.  Willie was Mr. Flub.


Monday, November 28, 2016

All The Fan Favorite Autographs

Yesterday  I mentioned that I've got all the Cubs Fan Favorite Autographs since Archives was brought back in 2012.  There are nine different cards and of the nine, only the Kyle Schwarber auto is of a current player.

All the others were blasts from the past.  Most were favorite blasts, too.  Thanks to this brand, I've got certified autographs of Bill Buckner, Rick Reuschel, Jody Davis, Leon Durham, Shawon Dunston, Mark Grace, Lee Smith, and Mark Prior.

Filled A Forgotten Hole

I'm a completist collector...I've got to have them all.  I try my best to get things at once.  But every now and then, I've left a hole for one reason or another....and then I forget about the hole.

That's what I did with this year's Archives.  I got all the base cards no problem.  But I've also collected all the Fan Favorite Autographs.  This year there was just one Cub to get, Kyle Schwarber.  Unfortunately, it was a redemption auto, and that's why I think I forgot about it.  I figured I'd wait until the cards were signed and started showing up on Ebay.

I totally forgot about the card until a couple weeks ago.  I'm not sure what  I was searching for, but I came upon the Schwarber card--and had one of those "oh, yeah" moments.

Waiting until the Cubs won the World Series and Schwarber was a prominent figure in the series was not good for my wallet.   The card was not as cheap as most of the Fan Favorites from previous year.  But if I'm going to be a completist, then I have to pay the price.

I'm happy with the silver pen and the on-card signature.

Money well spent..and a forgotten hole, win.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Five Random Cubs Cards

I've got 14,494 Cubs cards from 109 different brands listed on a spreadsheet. A random number generator picked five cards, one each from the past several decades.

1900s - 1970s: 1963 Topps #81 Jimmie Schaffer  Jimmie is not a happy looking man.  He came to the Cubs in the winter of 1962 in a trade with the Cardinals.  He was a backup catcher for the Cardinals and had the same role with the Cubs.

1980s: 1981 Topps Traded #783 Ken Kravec This card comes from the initial Topps Traded set.  The early sets continued the numbering from the base set, which is why he has card #783.

1990s: 1999 Team Issued All Century Team Old Style Mordecai Brown  You can't argue against Brown making the Cubs All Century team.  From 1906 - 1911 he averaged 24 wins per season as the Cubs won four pennants.

2000s: 2006 Topps '52 #BC Buck Coats Autograph  Sometimes following the rule means you end up with the autograph of a career .193 hitter.

2010s: 2015 Gypsy Queen #97 Anthony Rizzo Though a 2015 card, the picture is from 2013....when Rizzo was growing his hair out longer.