Wednesday, April 26, 2017

2017 Topps Tribute Billy Williams

Once again I've cherry-picked the high priced sets.

This year's Topps Tribute runs around $265 for a box of six packs, each pack containing three cards.  You're guaranteed three autographs and three relics.  Billy Williams is on the base checklist, but I didn't spent $265 with the hopes of getting his card.  As always, I let someone else spend the big bucks and I'll pick up his leftovers.

Here's the base card.  Looking over the uniform, I know that this is from 1970 or 1971.  I found the original at Getty Images and they just reference it as circa 1970.  The best thing about the picture is that Topps has never used it before.  After years of the same couple of Billy pictures, we finally get something new.  Well, new to Topps since the picture is 47 years old.

Tribute also has parallels and I have two.


The green is /99 and the purple is /50.  There are also red (/10) and black (1/1) cards, but I'm not too sure I'll see either.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

WW HQ Update: It Lives!!

This picture is from a post in November, our plan to make the front of our house look a little like Wrigley Field

A warm spell in February gave me the chance to paint and install the numbers on the house.  I've had several confused neighbors ask me if we were having problems with the mailman or the pizza delivery guy.  They didn't quite understand the reason for the big yellow numbers on the front of the hosue.  Once I showed them a picture of the outfield wall at Wrigley, they got it.

But the whole falls apart without ivy.  We planted two vines in November, but they were already dormant.  We'd have to wait until spring to see if  there would be any growth.

It lives!  The ivy survived the winter and new leaves have started to pop out.  Now we just have to watch it grow and take over the wall.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Yup, It Hasn't Been Used Before

 On Saturday I showed the Diamond King Billy Williams card.  Matt asked if the photo has been used before.

Good question.

I went back and looked over the 291 cards I've got in my Billy Williams collection.  Would it shock you if I told you that the DK picture isn't on any of the others?  It shocked me.


This one is close.  The swing is similar, though the uniforms don't match.  The DK card has to be from 1969 - 1971.


This one is even closer.  In fact, I wonder if they are both from the same at bat?  The dugouts match and he is wearing a batting glove in each picture.  Billy rarely wore a batting glove.  These are the only two cards in my collection that show him wearing a glove.

I also went through the Billy Williams pictures at Getty Images to try to find the original, but had no luck.  There are lots of pictures, just not this one.  A Google image search had the same results - nothing.

So kudos to Panini for finding and using an original picture.  Too bad the logos had to disappear!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Five Random Cubs Cards

I've got 14,829 Cubs cards from 121 different brands listed on a spreadsheet. A random number generator picked five cards, one each from the past several decades.

1900s - 1970s: 1956 Topps #11 Cubs Team This is the very first Topps team card of the Cubs.  It's nice that Topps gives us the names of all the players shown.  Its not nice that the 1956 Cubs finished in last place with a record of 60-94.

1980s: 1987 Topps Traded #73 Dave Martinez  The current Cubs bench coach was entering his first full season in the majors in 1987.  He became the team's regular center fielder and hit .292.  

1990s: 1996 Stadium Club #53 Jim Bullinger I wonder what the story is behind this picture, which shows Bullinger on the rooftop of a building along Sheffield Avenue?  Maybe Cubs management told the guy with a 1996 record of 6-10 and an ERA of 6.54 to take a hike.

2000s: 2003 Topps #635 Cubs Team  Two team pictures out of four cards so far.  What are the odds of that?  The fake wall to cover the batboys has to be one of the dumbest looks.

2010s: 2015 Topps Update #263 Pedro Strop  Pedro pitched in a team-high and career-high 76 games in the 2015 season.  He was the 8th inning guy though he did close a few and picked up three saves.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

2017 Diamond King Billy Williams

Panini has again issued a Diamond King set and  this year Billy Williams was on the checklist.  I went ahead and picked up some of his cards despite the lack of logos.

This is what the base card looks like.  It would be a really nice card if it had logos.  

Of course there are also all sorts of parallels.

This is the artist's proof parallel and it is /99.

There are also framed parallels and I've picked up three of them

The gray frame is an unnumbered common.  The checklist shows an unnumbered green frame too, but not a single green version has been listed on Ebay yet.


Among the numbered frames are the red /99 and brown /49.  Look closely at the red frame and you'll notice that it is #26/99.  There are collectors that go bonkers when the number matches the player's number, like this one does for #26 Billy Williams.  I'm not one of those collectors.  This was just a happy coincidence for me and I didn't have to pay a premium for the card.

Other frames include the blue /25 and black 1/1.  Neither has yet to surface.  I'm not planning to see or buy either of them.

Friday, April 21, 2017

All I've Got of Him: Jody Davis

On Wednesday the Cubs gave out championship rings to several former players.  Left to right is Scott Sanderson, Lee Smith, Steve Trout, Randy Hundley, Glenn Beckert, Jody Davis, Jose Cardenal, and Bobby Dernier.

I haven't done an "All I've Got of Him" for a while and thought I'd do it for one of these guys.  I settled on Jody Davis.  Jody was a fan favorite, and one of mine too, during his years as the Cubs catcher.  

From 1981 - 1988 he was a fixture behind the plate.  He was steady if not spectacular.  He also seemed to have a knack for getting a big hit at just the right time.  Those heroics led to a tradition of the Wrigley crowd chanting his name, "Jo-dee, Jo-dee, Jo-dee."

My collection includes a total of 62 cards of Jody, including three autographed cards.  His career coincided with the loss of the Topps monopoly, so I've got some Fleer, Donruss, Leaf, Score, Sportflics, and even one Upper Deck card of him, among others, in addition to a bunch of Topps.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Peek At Donruss, Year by Year

Donruss has been back for four years now.

They seem to be in a bit of a design rut.  

For kicks, I went back and made a tile consisting of one card from each of the years of Donruss.  I used the fewest number of players possible and made it with just four players.