Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Look at the Team-Issued 2000 Cubs

So as far as I can tell, this is the set the Cubs gave away at Wrigley Field on August 15, 2000.  The schedule says that 10,000 sets were to be handed out.  There were over 38,000 at Wrigley that day as the Cubs lost to the Cardinals 2-1.  All of the sets should have been distributed, so why is the set so tough to come by?

The 2000 set has (hopefully, since that's what I've got) a total of 29 cards.  The Cubs-issued sets always have included the manager and coaches, so I'll start with those.




The 2000 season was Don Baylor's first as Cubs manager.  All of the coaches except for Jeff Pentland and Billy Williams were new to the Cubs also.  In a 29 card set, it seems odd that seven of the cards were given to non-players.

The 2000 Cubs were 65-97, so players were coming and going.  That would be my guess for including just 22 players.  I'm thinking the promotion department just went with players they were pretty sure would still be on the roster on August 15 when the cards were given away.

Sammy and Grace were the big names on the team, though this was Grace's last season in Chicago.





The rest of the position players...not much here.

As far as the pitching, Kerry Wood was the big name, though he was in comeback mode, having missed the 1999 season following elbow surgery.  The rest of the staff?  Look over them and you'll see why 65-97 made sense.





And for you tile lovers, here are all 29 cards together.

Finally, a checklist.  The cards do not have a number on the back, so I'm using the number shown on the front, which is their uniform number:

46 Oscar Acosta
38 Rick Aguilera
2 Sandy Alomar
25 Don Baylor
37 Brant Brown
9 Damon Buford
44 Kyle Farnsworth
76 Daniel Garibay
8 Joe Girardi
3 Gene Glynn
17 Mark Grace
39 Willie Greene
12 Ricky Gutierrez
49 Felix Heredia
29 Jeff Huson
5 Rene Lachemann
32 Jon Lieber
11 Jose Nieves
4 Jeff Pentland
48 Ruben Quevedo
41 Steve Rain
16 Jeff Reed
21 Sammy Sosa
36 Kevin Tapani
47 Todd VanPoppel
26 Billy Williams
34 Kerry Wood
45 Tim Worrell
7 Eric Young

Friday, February 12, 2016

Team Issued Cubs 2000?

I'm always finding something new and/or unknown, at least to me.

I thought that I had finished up with all the different Cubs team-issued sets years ago.  Their first set was in 1982 and the last complete team set was in 1999.

Then I found an auction for a set labeled by the seller as a 29 card Cubs Fox Sport Net set from 2000. The Standard Catalog doesn't list any Cubs set from 2000.  There is nothing on Beckett either.  A general Google search came up empty.

I had no idea what this was.

So I really wanted to get it!

I was able to snipe the set away for two other bidders that were going back and forth with each other for several days.

The set arrived yesterday and it gave me my first chance to look over the cards.  Here's a look at the front and the back.

What a bonus that the set included Billy Williams.  Not many main stream sets included the coaches, which got me thinking that this was a set issued by the Cubs.  But as far as I knew, and had seen, there was no 2000 Cubs issued set.  I needed to keep digging.

I grabbed both my 2000 media guide and schedule.  I wanted to look over the listing of promotions.  Well, lo and behold, on each there was a Team Card Set giveaway shown for August 15.  Could this be that set?

Circumstantial evidence says yes.  Fox Sports Net was doing about half of the Cubs games in 2000, just their second year of doing Cubs games.  It makes sense that they would be a sponsor of the cards.  The set includes cards for the manager and all the coaches, as all the Cubs issued sets have.  The writing in Billy's bio on the card is almost a word for word copy of his bio in the media guide, which means that both were produced by the Cubs.

I have no idea how I missed seeing the 2000 set over the past few years.  But, it does seem fairly scarce.  No others show up in a Ebay search of completed or sold listings.  There were 10,000 of these given away, so they shouldn't be that hard to find.  But they apparently are, so I'm glad to have the set.

Tomorrow I'll show the 29 cards in the set.  One thing I'm not sure of is the checklist.  Are my 29 the entire set?  I've got no idea.

Anyone have any more info on these??

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pictures Galore

Reader Eric let me know about an Ebay seller that has a load of original slides from the 50's and 60's up for auction.  Among the stash are 39 Cubs pictures. Take a look at a few of them:

Several of these would look great on baseball cards...hint, hint Topps!

Here is a link to the seller's Ebay store.  You can browse around and see if there are any pics of players from your favorite team.

I won't  be bidding on any of them...hopefully Topps is bidding on many of them.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hunting for Some Jewels

I've already shown my recent Jewel pickups from 1969 and 1984.  These weren't the only sets issued by the grocery chain.  They also offered pictures in 1973 and 1977.

Both the '73 and '77 sets featured 16 Cubs.  Right now I've got 14 of the 16 in each.  I've exhausted all of my usual haunts tracking them down.  The missing four are nowhere to be found.

So, if you see any Jewel pictures of the following, let me know:

1973 Randy Hundley
1973 Ron Santo
1977 Jerry Morales
1977 Bruce Sutter

Thanks for keeping an eye out.

For now I have to settle for virtual copies, compliments of the Trading Card Database