Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Two Dexters to Take My Mind Off of Two Losses

The weekend in New York did not go well.

Tonight is pretty much do or die.  Please do!!!!

I've got two new cards to distract my attention for a few minutes.

These are for my relics and autograph collection.  I didn't realize that Dexter Fowler had autographs or relics this year until I started looking for Jon Lester cards.  Turns out Fowler has both.

The autograph is from Topps Supreme.  It was released about a month ago, but I was totally ignorant of that fact.  When a pack of two cards goes for $80, ignorance is bliss.

You can see that my card is the green /50 version.  I picked mine up for far less than the seller's original purchase price.  I sure hope his second card in the pack was more than just a Dexter Fowler card.

The relic card is a jumbo relic / autograph from Triple Threads.  With Triple Threads you'll be paying about $170 for two seven-card packs, guaranteed two autographs and two relics.  Again, I paid far less than what the poor sap that bought the box paid.

With these two cards, my relics collection now has 70 different Cubs with a relic from a year they played for the Cubs.  The autograph collection moves to 112 Cubs that follow the same rule.

Russell and Bryant are still to come.


  1. Very nice! They really improved Supreme this year by making many of the autos on card. The last few years were stickers, so if you were patient box prices would plummet after a few months.

  2. Wow. That's a great Supreme card of Dexter. He has one of my favorite smiles in all of baseball and I like the way he chases down fly balls . . . seems like he is gliding on air. I may wait a little while for the prices to come down a bit, but one of these is definitely on my radar now!