Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Presidents Day....Finishing Up

The end of the line...

October through December

October 1 - President Jimmy Carter and Cub Vance Law

October 4 - President Rutherford B. Hayes and Cub Bobby Scales

October 5 - President Chester Arthur and Cub Rey Sanchez

October 14 - President Dwight Eisenhower and Cub Joe that a Joe Girardi card or a Mark Grace card?

October 27 - President Theodore Roosevelt and Cub Mike Lum and.......

......Bip Roberts...even with no mail today, you got Bipped!!

October 30 - President John Adams and Cub Roe Skidmore

November 2 - Presidents Warren Harding and James Polk and Cub Bill Connors

November 19 - President James Garfield and Cub Dickie Noles

November 23 - President Franklin Pierce and Cub Jimmy Sheckard

November 24 - President Zachary Taylor is without a Cub

December 5 - President Martin Van Buren and Cub Cliff Floyd

December 28 - President Woodrow Wilson is also with out Cub

December 29 - President Andrew Johnson and Cub Ken Rudolph

And there you go. 37 Cubs cards for you on Presidents Day. Regular mail delivery and blog posting resume tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. "Roe Skidmore"? That's somebody's name?

    Between him, the general fortunes of the Cubs in that era, and "Skid Row", there's gotta be a joke somewhere in there, waiting to get out.