Saturday, May 29, 2010

Time To Do Something About This Drought

In three of the four major professional American sports, the team with the longest championship drought has a Chicago connection.

Baseball....The Cubs, last won in 1908
Football...The Cardinals, last won in 1947 (as the Chicago Cardinals)
Hockey...The Blackhawks, last won in 1961

I was born in November, 1961, so in my lifetime the Blackhawks have never won the Stanley Cup. Tonight, it is time to start doing something about that!

Go Hawks!

A month ago Canadian and hockey fan Ryan Dempster organized a team outing to see the Hawks play at the United Center. On Wednesday this past week, with Dempster pitching against the Dodgers, the Hawks returned the favor, coming out to Wrigley.

Here's hoping that the Hawks snap one drought, and inspire the Cubs to snap another. And the football Cardinals, well, who cares!

Finally, here are a few cards from my very limited hockey card collection.


  1. 6-5.

    Looks like the Hawks are trying to end one of the Chicago droughts.