Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2013 Cubs Schedules with Players!

A couple weeks ago I showed the Cubs 2013 pocket schedule,

a schedule that is missing players on the front.

It turns out that the team does have some 2013 schedules with players on the front.  Each, though, has extenuating circumstances.

This schedule features Anthony Rizzo.  Why could the Cubs put him on the cover?  Because this schedule was given out last September.  The marketing department was pretty sure that Rizzo wouldn't be traded before the season ended, so he could confidently be put on the cover.  Because the schedule was printed last fall...

....it only lists the Cubs opponent.  No game times are listed.  Those usually aren't announced until the mid-Winter.

Here's the other schedule with players...

....and it was given out at the Cubs Convention in mid-January.  All the player of the cover are among the big names and the team wasn't going to trade them before the convention.  Notice that Alfonso Soriano is not on the schedule---I'm sure he would be traded at the drop of a hat if the team could find a taker for his huge contract.

I recently found a WGN schedule.  Usually, there is one from WGN TV and one from the radio side.  I don't have the new one in hand yet, but it looks like its the TV version.  Anyone know if there is a WGN radio schedule, or did WGN just make one for both?


  1. How do you store your schedules? I recently started a Yankees schedule collection and I'm finding the 9 pocket pages too small.

  2. The modern Cubs schedules are the exact same size as baseball cards, so they fit perfectly in the 9 pocket sheets. In the 60s and early 70s, they had bigger schedules and those fit nicely in 4 pocket pages. I don't know what size your Yankee schedules are, but if they are just a bit too big for a 9 pocket page, maybe the 8 pocket pages made for early 50s Topps and Bowman would work.

  3. Ill look into the 8 pocket pages. Thanks for the suggestion