Thursday, May 21, 2009

Now Batting for Blog Bat Around VI: Wrigley Wax

All of the people who are participating in this have a blog, or at least something similar. For this question, I just want to know about the reasons you do what you do. Why do you blog? What made you choose Sports Cards as your topic of choice? What got you started? What has been your favorite post from your own work?

When I started collecting baseball cards again after many years away, I knew nothing about today’s hobby. What I knew was Topps, Fleer, and Donruss, one set each plus a traded set per year. Today’s hobby is far more complicated than that. I needed to re-educate myself and so I went searching around cyberworld to see what I could learn.

I found many of your blogs and started reading them daily. You all informed and entertained me and I appreciated that. I found several team-specific blogs, but could never find a blog dedicated to cards and the Cubs.

I thought it odd that a team with such a wide-spread following (thank you WGN) had no one blogging on Cubs cards. For months that sat in the back of my mind and a voice kept whispering “why don’t you do it.” I was busy with other things, so I ignored the voice.

But as winter approached, I was looking for an on-going activity to keep me busy. Last winter I was putting Cubs team sets together. With that done, if figured, why not, and started thinking more seriously about starting a blog. Plus, the blog would be much lighter on the wallet than what I did last winter!

I love baseball, I love baseball cards, and I am a Cub fanatic. It was time for me to share these passions with the rest of the world!

Because I write at work every day, the writing part would be no big deal. The content part of the blog was covered because my mind is filled with way too much Cubs information and I have way too many Cubs cards (well, actually, there is no such thing as too many Cubs cards!). So over Christmas vacation I took the plunge and on New Years Day Wrigley Wax was live.

I really enjoy the opportunity to share Cubs related topics with you. I know there are many who have less than favorable opinions about the Cubs and their fans. I hope I have at least been able to get you to see that there are some decent Cubs fans out there. It’s also been nice to connect with other Cubs fans and share our misery!

When thinking about my favorite post, I guess it would have to be this one, in which I shared with you what had happened to my son Sean. It is not the content of the post that makes it my favorite, but the response of you, the baseball card blogging community. So many of you responded to my request and were kind enough to send cards to Sean. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated that.

After that, my favorite post is my next post. And as long as I can keep saying that, I’ll keep writing.

This is the card that started it all, my very first Cubs card, from 1961, Frank Thomas, in all of its creased and worn glory

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