Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tile Tuesday: Mr. Cub

Instead of a particular brand, today's tiles are of a particular player...Mr. Cub Ernie Banks.  It's hard to believe that 41 years have gone by since Ernie was an active player.  You'd have to be at least 50 years old to remember his active days. Fans younger than that know his only by reputation.  He's still very popular, but is he Mr. Cub?  Will there ever be another?

I made two separate tiles. The top features cards from my team sets, cards from the different brands of complete Cubs sets that I've got.  The bottom tile has the cards from my player collection.  Between the two there are 280 cards.   A search at Beckett returns a list of 735 Ernie Banks cards.  I guess I've got a ways to go!

And by the way, as I was previewing the post I realized that I included a card of Willie Banks.  I'm not ambitious enough to make the tile over, so I'll let you play Where's Willie instead.



  1. The last card of the first set of tiles is cool. What set did that come from?

    1. That's from a set of postcards the Cubs released through their monthly magazine Vineline. I picked up a whole set of those not too long ago...I'll have to get a post of with them soon.

  2. Do I win? I spy 2 Willie Banks cards side by side.