Thursday, January 29, 2015

All the Cubs Inserts From the 2010s

We've reached this decade!  And the number of different inserts sets has exploded.

Part of the reason for more inserts was the Topps 60th anniversary.  The "Cards Your Mom Threw Out" set was popular, and it had both insert  back and original back cards.  Of course, Topps had to repeat the set the following year.  Attax and Toppstown also added several cards.

So far, from 2010 - 2014, I've got 128 Cubs inserts.  That's over 30 more than any previous decade, and there are still five more years to go!  I'm going to guess I'll end up with over 200 by the end of 2019.

Here's a look at the 128 cards...

Here is the checklist that I used:

20101951 Blue Backs: NO CUBS
1951 Red Backs: NO CUBS
Attax: Derrek Lee, Starlin Castro, Alfonso Soriano
Cards Your Mother Threw Out: 3 Ernie Banks, 63 Ernie Banks, 130 Ernie Banks, 127 Lou Brock, 32 Ryne Sandberg, 91 Ryne Sandberg
Cards Your Mother Threw Out Original Backs: 3 Ernie Banks, 63 Ernie Banks, 130 Ernie Banks, 127 Lou Brock, 32 Ryne Sandberg, 91 Ryne Sandberg
History of the Game: 25 First MLB Game In Japan
History of the World Series: NO CUBS
Legendary Lineage; 70 Starlin Castro, 60 Ryne Sandberg, 36 Alfonso Soriano
Mickey Mouse All-Stars: 7 Chicago Cubs
Million Card Giveaway: NO CUBS
More Tales of the Game; 9 The Last Shall Be First, 3 Seven Touchdowns
Peak Performance: 116 Starlin Castro, 120 Tyler Colvin, 67 Derrek Lee, 40 Alfonso Soriano
Red Hot Rookies: 5 Starlin Castro
Tales of the Game: 6 Lets Play Two
Ticket to Toppstown: NO CUBS
Topps 2020: NO CUBS
Turkey Red: 17 Derrek Lee, 25 Ernie Banks, 45 Ryne Sandberg, 80 Kosuke Fukudome, 107 Aramis Ramirez, 136 Rogers Hornsby, 150 Starlin Castro
Vintage Legends Collection: 46 Rogers Hornsby
When They Were Young: NO CUBS
20111952 Black Diamond, 59 Starlin Castro
60 Years of Reprints: 4 Ernie Banks, 76 Ernie Banks, 36 Dennis Eckersley, 37 Greg Maddux, 26 Bruce Sutter
60 Years of Reprints Original Backs: 4 Ernie Banks, 76 Ernie Banks, 36 Dennis Eckersley, 37 Greg Maddux, 26 Bruce Sutter
60 Years of Topps Lost Cards: NO CUBS
60 Years of Topps Lost Cards Original Backs: NO CUBS
Before There Was Topps: NO CUBS
Blue Diamond: NO CUBS
CMG Reprints: NO CUBS
Diamond Die Cut: 54 Ernie Banks, 94 Marlon Byrd, 92 Starlin Castro, 137 Tyler Colvin, 22 Carlos Marmol, 134 Aramis Ramirez, 153 Ryne Sandberg
Diamond Duos: 7 Starlin Castro Darwin Barney, MH Greg Maddux
Diamond Stars: NO CUBS
History of Topps: NO CUBS
Kimball Champions: 72 Ernie Banks, 11 Starlin Castro, 141 Andre Dawson, 138 Rogers Hornsby, 84 Ryne Sandberg
Prime 9: NO CUBS
Purple Diamond: 9 Starlin Castro
Red Diamond: NO CUBS
Ruby Red: NO CUBS
Sapphire Blue: NO CUBS
Ticket to Toppstown: 21 Starlin Castro, TTU-14 Matt Garza, TT2-28 Aramis Ramirez, TTU-28 Alfonso Soriano
Topps 60: 98 Marlon Byrd, 84 Starlin Castro, 123 Andre Dawson, 105 Rogers Hornsby, 92 Alfonso Soriano
20121987 Minis: 47 Starlin Castro, 138 Ryan Dempster, 134 Bryan LaHair
A Cut Above: NO CUBS
Blockbusters: 19 Ryne Sandberg
Career Day: NO CUBS
Classic Walk-Offs: NO CUBS
Gold Future: 7 Starlin Castro
Gold Rush: 44 Starlin Castro, 72 Matt Garza, 42 Ryne Sandberg
Gold Standard: 8 Ernie Banks, 32 Ernie Banks
Golden Greats: 81 Ernie Banks, 76 Andre Dawson
Golden Moments: U21 Ernie Banks, 35 Starlin Castro, U15 Starlin Castro, 8 Andre Dawson, 20 Ryne Sandberg, 48 Ryne Sandberg
Golden Moments Die Cut: 78 Starlin Castro, 56 Ryne Sandberg
Mound Dominance: NO CUBS
Prime 9: NO CUBS
Timeless Talents: 20 Ernie Banks, 22 Starlin Castro, 16 Andre Dawson, 10 Ryne Sandberg
20131971 Topps Minis: NO CUBS
1972 Minis: 98 Ernie Banks, 13 Starlin Castro, 12 Anthony Rizzo
Chasing History: 36 Kerry Wood, 54 Anthony Rizzo, 103 Anthony Rizzo
Chasing the Dream: 6 Anthony Rizzo
Cut to the Chase: 34 Ernie Banks
The Greats: 4 Ernie Banks
Calling Cards: NO CUBS
Proven Mettle: NO CUBS
Spring Fever: 15 Andre Dawson, 14 Anthony Rizzo, 13 Josh Vitters
Elite: 10 Ernie Banks
Chase It Down: NO CUBS
WBC Stars: 2 Anthony Rizzo
Making Their Mark: 17 Anthony Rizzo
Franchise Forerunners: NO CUBS
Postseason Heroes: NO CUBS
20141989 Mini Die Cuts: 35 Ernie Banks, 70 Starlin Castro, 15 Andre Dawson, 98 Ryne Sandberg
50 Years of the Draft: NO CUBS
All Rookie Cup Team: NO CUBS
All-Star Access: ARI Anthony Rizzo, JS Jeff Samardzija
Before They Were Great: 12 Greg Maddux
Breakout Moments: NO CUBS
Fond Farewell: NO CUBS
Future Stars That Never Were: 18 Greg Maddux
Power Player: 96 Darwin Barney: 156 Starlin Castro, 146 Kyuji Fujikawa, 44 Junior Lake, 93 Jeff Samardzija: 47 Carlos Villanueva
Power Players: AR Anthony Rizzo
Saber Stars: NO CUBS
Spring Fever: NO CUBS
Super Veterans: NO CUBS
The Future is Now: NO CUBS
Upper Class: 50 Ernie Banks, 39 Greg Maddux, 45 Ryne Sandberg
World Series Heroes: NO CUBS

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  1. Not sure if you have them already and that's why they are not pictured, but just in case, I noticed a few you were missing.
    Ryno has a Cut to the Chase like that Banks card, too and the Wood and Rizzo Chasing History cards each have a Silver and Gold Holofoil parallel as well.
    Hope that helps.