Monday, January 12, 2015

The Inserts Are Arriving 10

Today I've got inserts from the '60s, 2014, and a little in between

This is the final 1965 Cubs transfer, Billy Williams.

I needed this 1966 Rub Off of Mr. Cub to complete that set.  Again you can see that centering was an issue with these.

Here's Ryno from 2009's Legends of the Game.


There three are from 2011 60 Years of Topps. There were original back and insert back versions of these.  I skipped the original backs when they came out, so I needed to pick them up now to have a complete insert set.


These Power Players cards came from series two.  I overlooked them back in June when the series was released.  I'm curious if anyone did anything with the code cards.  I don't remember reading much at all about them on the blogs.

I'm down  to needing just one more shipment and then I'll be done with the inserts (expect for the three I mentioned a few days ago).

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  1. I have way too many collecting goals already but if I had another it would be to collect all the Legends of the Game cards.