Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cubs Numbers Frankenset #41 - 59

...the Frankenset continues!

Now things start to get a little dicey.  The higher the number, the fewer players have worn it, and the fewer potential cards.  It took a bit more searching, but I did come up with a card for each.

  • A majority of these players are pitchers.  Two reasons: First, the Cubs generally assigned pitchers higher numbers.  Second, there's a better chance that an action shot of a picture will give you a look at his number.
  • #41--Dirt!
  • I had to go with both Reuschel brothers.
  • #54 wasn't easy and we barely get a glimpse of the 4.  Same with the 5 on Soto's #58. By the way, he wore #58 his first couple years in the majors and then switched to #18 in 2008.
  • We almost get to see Pulpo's sixth finger on the #57 card.