Wednesday, July 25, 2012

End of Etopps

My last one.

The Etopps program was on its last legs when I got back into collecting, and by the time I bought my first card, the program was for all intents and purposes dead.  It took over half a year to get that initial card of Darwin Barney.  During the wait, Topps announced that they were not going to produce any new Etopps cards.  There has hardly a peep out of collectors.

I found only two other cards that I had any interest in, of Ernie Banks and this one...

....of Ryne Sandberg.  Its a nice refractor type card and its got an official Topps sticker on the back.  But otherwise, bah.

So long, Etopps.  We hardly knew 'ya and we won't miss 'ya.

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