Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Short & Sweet 1970 Fun - Ballparks in the Set

By my unofficial count, just 1/3 of the 24 ballparks from 1969 were shown in the 1970 set.


The two New York parks, Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium appeared the most.  Topps liked to stay close to home.

Crosley Field was in it's final season in 1970 and this is the last Topps card to show the park.

Connie Mack Stadium was also nearing its end.

Here's a look at Fenway's Green Monster in 1969.

Lefty is sitting on the dugout steps at Washington's RFK Stadium.

This card shows the Tiger Stadium outfield.

This is the one and only card from the 1970 set that shows Wrigley Field.  Pinson was with the Reds in 1967 when Topps took several pictures at Wrigley that year that ended up in the 1969 set (more details here ).  The upper deck in the background is definitely Wrigley.  Topps also doctored his hat by adding the blue to make the Reds hat look like an Indians hat.

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  1. Several similarities between Cincinnati and Cleveland head gear:

    Fill in the Reds' white "C" with blue, and you have an Indians' cap.
    Add the word "BENGALS" to a Cleveland Browns' helmet, and you have a (old-school) Bengals' helmet.