Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Taking Another Autograph Gamble

In the spring I took and autograph gamble and I won.  I bought a Victor Caratini auto card before he made the Cubs roster.  I was betting that he'd make the team and I was right. The gamble paid off and I added another ruling-following autograph.

The Topps Series 2 checklist has given me a change to take another gamble.  Pitcher Dillon Maples has a Topps Certified autograph.  Though he made 6 appearances with the Cubs last year, has yet to make it to Chicago this season.  Since he might, I went ahead...

... and grabbed the card.  If he gets in a game this year, I'll add him to my rule-following collection.  I'd rolling the dice and betting six bucks that he will.


  1. Gamble is a good word for it. I'd have more faith in Maples getting called up if his current BB/9 in AAA wasn't 8.5. Ouch.