Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Does It Include Brian?

Yesterday it was announced that the Cubs awarded 60 full shares of playoff money.  It comes to $368,605.94 per person.  That's a pretty tidy sum for the minor leaguers, part-time players, and clubhouse staff.  The Cubs also awards 8.7 partial shares and four cash awards.

My question is this...

How much did Brian Matusz get?

Do you remember Brian?  He started one game for the Cubs on July 31.  He allowed six runs in three innings.  He was released the next day.  Luckily the Cubs were able to come back and win the game he started, with Jon Lester laying down a walk off bunt in the 12th inning.

So the Cubs won the one and only game Matusz pitched.  Is that worth a full share?  partial share?  Two bucks?


  1. How about a Brizzo signed baseball? That would work for me.

  2. Where'd you get that? I couldn't find it on MLBShop