Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fleer Home and On the Road

The initial release of Fleer in 1981 wasn't a very good set and the cards were full of errors, but to this Cub fan it had one huge positive - Wrigley Field.  There are 25 Cubs in the set and 22 of them are Wrigley Field shots.

Look at all of the pinstripes, bricks and ivy!

A year later I anxiously awaited the arrival of the next Fleer set and more pictures from the friendly confines of beautiful Wrigley Field.

Talk about a huge disappointment.  The 1982 set was 0 for 27!  There wasn't a single shot from Wrigley.  Making matters worse, even the spring training shots showed the away uniforms.

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  1. I think the uniforms in 82' are my least favorite.