Tuesday, September 10, 2019

I Never Noticed!

This was one of the five random Cubs card on Sunday.


I commented on the nice catch Ryno was making in Mesa.  It totally missed the obvious though.  I never noticed.

Reader ashonk51 did notice and said, "I am surprised you didn't go off on the misspelling of Ryno's last name on his card."

I've had these cards for years but never noticed the mistake.  There are some errors that our minds auto-correct.  This is one of them, I believe.  In my mind, when I see "Ryne San....." I automatically see "Ryne Sandberg."

To make this even worse, though. I went back and looked at all nine of the 1989 Sandberg Star Nova cards.

They all have the same mistake!  How could I have missed that... a mistake x 9. 

Those nine errors are more than Ryno made in most seasons!


  1. Wonder if they all exist with and without the D

  2. We only did one printing. There is probably a 10th error - the promo. Are the backs incorrect too?

  3. You're slipping WW... but don't worry... I'd still hire you if I was the one running Topps.