Friday, October 16, 2020

2020 Ginter Cubs Full-Sized Relics

 This year's Allen and Ginter has both the full-sized and mini relics, as it has for the past few years.  Today I'll show the full-sized relics and I'll save one of my annual favorites, the mini relics, for tomorrow.

The full-sized relics are divided into two designs, which Topps creatively labeled as A and B.

Design A has 54 cards on the checklist, but just one Cub among the 54.

Kudos to Topps for including Albert Almora in Group A  I'll now take back the kudos because Almora doesn't have a card in the base set.  If you are good enough for the inserts you should be good enough for the base set.



These are the Cubs with the B design.  The team was much better represented, with four out of 58.


  1. I like design A much better.
    I second your comment about having a card in the base set if you're good enough to get one in the inserts.

  2. Completely agree with "good enough for a relic, good enough for base set". This is one of my biggest issues with A&G this year, but with some of the notable nonbaseball people in the set. 2020 A&G was constantly advertised as having people like Paul Rudd, Spike Lee and Alex Morgan in the set, but none of them are in the base set. They have autographs in the set. That's sketchy advertising. And I don't understand why you can't throw a base card of them in, it seems like the easiest thing to do. It certainly would make the base set a lot more interesting than it is this year.