Thursday, October 1, 2020

He Doesn't Live In Dallas

 I posted earlier about the disappointing signature font used on the backs of this year's 1974 Archives cards.

But if you look closely, you'll find another problem.

Check out what Topps has listed as Ernie's home.  He does not live in Dallas, Texas.  In fact, he hasn't made his home in Dallas since the mid-1950s.

If Topps was going for accuracy, his home town would be listed as Chicago.

Or more specifically, Graceland Cemetery in Chicago.


  1. I think that some of the time, Topps has used "home" to mean "where the person grew up" rather than "where the person lives now". I'm not sure how often they've done that. I guess there's really no good answer for cards of deceased players. Maybe they should give the date of death instead.

    1. Back in the 70s the home town was where the player currently lived. I liked to check a players home to see if they moved to the Chicago area.
      Agreed that there should be a death date for deceased players.

  2. Very interesting. I thought maybe they just used the info on his last card from his playing days... but even the back of the 1971 Topps card says he called Chicago his home. I agree with you and Brett that a date of death would be more appropriate.

  3. I would think if Topps is trying to simulate a 1974 catd, having a death date is essentially future information.