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196(9) At A Time - Page 36

No big names on this page, but there is one very infamous Cub and two players with the same last name.

#311 - Sparky Lyle The future member of the Bronx Zoo was just two years in to his career. He had a nice record in 1968, going 6-1 in 49 games, all out of the pen. In fact, he spent his entire career as a reliever, never once starting a game. He was just as good in 1969, making 71 appearances and going 8-3.

#312 - Lee Elia
He obviously is more well-known for his tirade while manager of the Cubs. He played in only 15 games for the Cubs in 1968, but Topps considered him worthy of a card. In fact, he also had a Cubs card in the 1968 set without appearing in the major leagues at all in 1967. He must have had some connections with someone at Topps! He never played for the Cubs in 1969, which is why I didn't give him a separate post as I have with the other Cubs cards. He was traded to the Yankees in April, 1969, but never made it back to the majors as a player. The card shows him in a White Sox uniform, whom he played for briefly in 1966.

#313 - Bill Robinson
After leading the Yankees in hitting in the second half of 1968, Robinson really slumped in 1969. His .171 average got him traded in the off season and he spent the next two season back in the minors before reviving his career with the Phillies and Pirates.

#314 - 4th Series Checklist
Hall of Famer Don Drysdale is featured on this card, his final season in the majors.

#315 - Eddie Fisher
The knuckle ball pitcher was with his fourth team in four season. He's shown in a White Sox uniform, though the Sox traded him to the Orioles in 1966. He spent 1968 in Cleveland, he pitched in 52 games for the Angels in 1969, going 3-2.

#316 - Hal Lanier
One of many good glove, no stick shortstops of the era, Lanier hit .206 in '68 and hit .228 in 1969.

#317 - Bruce Look
I had this card of Bruce Look as a kid and always liked the look of it (no pun intended). Many of the players in the set looked kind of scary, but Bruce has a really nice smile and looks like someone who would sign a ball for a kid. Unfortunately for him, his 59 games in 1968 were his only major league games.

#318 - Jack Fisher
Here is our second Fisher, also a pitcher. He's pictured in a Mets uniform, the team he was with from 1964 - 1967. He was sent to the White Sox for the 1968 campaign. The Reds picked Jack up after the season. 1969 would be his final in the majors, due in part to a 5.50 ERA.

#319 - Ken McMullen
This card gives us a good look at the Senator's road uniforom. The third baseman had a good 1968, finishing second on the team in homers and RBIs. He slipped a bit in 1969, dropping to third on the team in HRs and RBIs.

Overall Set Totals (player cards only)
Hall of Famers - 19
Hatless - 68
Airbrush - 72
Cubs (includes past, present, or future) - 47

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  1. Ah, crap. Now I've got to add #314 to my want list. I didn't know Drysdale was on a checklist.