Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Now in Color: Studio 1992

After the first year's black and white release, Studio added some color in 1992. We've got a color pose atop a black and white action shot on the front, and color printing on the back. The set had the same number of cards as in '91, 264 and the same number of Cubs, ten.

The back again was stat free. The "Up close" section gives us a chance to learn a little about the player and I'll feature some of this.

Five of the ten Cubs were also in last year's set, while five are new to Studio.

Doug Dascenzo: His favorite actor is Patrick Swayze (RIP Patrick)....his best friend in baseball is Ryne Sandberg

Andre Dawson: Favorite singer is Whitney Houston...favorite book is the Bible...Best baseball friend is Tim Raines

Joe Girardi: Favorite group is Dire Straits....favorite book is the Bible...would most like to meet Jesus

Mark Grace: Favorite group is AC/DC....favorite actor is Jim Belushi...would like to meet Magic Johnson

Greg Maddux: Favorite book is 1001 Tasteless Jokes...best baseball friend is his brother Mike...would like to meet Christopher Columbus

Chuck McElroy: Favorite actor is Denzel Washington....favorite singer is Anita Baker....would like to meet his great-great grandfather

Mike Morgan: Likes country and western music....Don Mattingly is his favorite baseball friend

Ryne Sandberg: favorite movie is Field of Dreams....Doug Dascenzo and Gary Matthews are his best baseball friends....Would like to meet Jack Nicklaus

Gary Scott: favorite actor is Robert De Niro....would like to meet Arnold Schwartzenegger

Sammy Sosa: favorite actors are Mel Gibson and Danny Glover....favorite movie is Lethal Weapon (way to be really creative with the answers, Sammy)...would like to meet Roberto Clemente

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