Tuesday, September 22, 2009

196(9) At A Time - Page 41

The good news...everyone on the page is wearing a hat!
The bad news...five of the hats they are wearing are airbrushed!

#356 - Frank Quilici Here's another guy in a bunting pose. After shuttling between the Twins and AAA for a couple seasons, Quilici stuck with the big club for the entire 1968 season. He hit .245 as a utility infielder. In 1969 he played in a career-high 118 games but hit only .174.

#357 - Carl Taylor
In 1969 Taylor played in 104 games for the Bucs and hit .348. The Pirates thought so much of him that they....traded him to the Cardinals in the off-season.

#358 - Athletics Rookies
This card has to set an all-time record for most letters in the two names. We've got a total of 32! Both of these guys look pretty old to be on a rookie card. The Cuban-born Lauzerique was 3-4 for the A's in '69 and was traded after the season. Rodriguez broke in with the A's in 1967, but didn't return to the big leagues until 1970. That season he played with three different teams, including 26 games with the Cubs. Those games were his last in the bigs.

#359 - Dick Kelly
The Padres took Kelly from the Braves. He was a starter for the expansion team and went 4-8, though his ERA was a respectable 3.57.

#360 - Jim Wynn
This card features a first for the 1969 set. If you look at Wynn's hat, you see a little bit of the Astro's star. This is the first card in the set that doesn't have the logo airbrushed off. Apparently the problem was with Topps and the Astros has been worked out. The Toy Cannon had a very nice 1969, hitting 33 home runs (not easy for someone who plays 81 games in the Astrodome) and led the league with 148 walks.

#361 - Gary Holman
He came up to the Senators half-way through the 1968 season and was good enough to make the Topps All Rookie team. Whatever career momentum he built in '68 was lost in 1969. He hit only .161 and by June was out of the major leagues for good.

#362 - Jim Maloney
The Red's ace is shown in a picture from 1966 or earlier, when the Reds wore vests. He was 12-5 in 1969 in 27 starts for the Reds.

#363 - Russ Nixon
He is shown in a Red Sox uniform, though the White Sox had picked him up over the off-season. Nixon never played for the White Sox, being released at the end of spring training. WIth that, his 12 year career was finished

#364 - Tommie Agee
A Met who I really did not like. Done

Overall Set Totals (player cards only)
Hall of Famers - 22
Hatless - 82
Airbrush - 80
Cubs (includes past, present, or future) - 51

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