Monday, September 28, 2009

Studio Premier: 1991 Cubs

Studio's first set was released in 1991. Ten Cubs were included among the 264 cards. The design featured a black and white studio-posed photo. It's interesting that they went with black and white at a time when everyone was trying to keep up with Upper Deck and their use of color on the fronts and backs of cards.

The backs of the Studio cards were very plain, with no color at all. In keeping with the Studio theme of personalizing the players, the back didn't have any stats. Instead there were small write-ups on the things like personal information, career highlights, hobbies and interests, and the player's hero. I'll share some of these tidbits as the cards are shown

George Bell: Hobbies include watching old movies and helping poor children. Hero - Cesar Cedeno and Rico Carty.

Shawn Boskie: Hobbies - Golf and reading....America's Funniest Home Videos is his favorite TV show...Hero - Billy Graham

Andrew Dawson: Hobbies- Fishing and weight training...Favorite TV- Nightline...Hero - His uncle Ted

Lance Dickson: Hobbies - Surfing and skiing...Favorite TV - Cheers....Hero - His father, Richard

Shawon Dunston: Hobbies - spending time with his kids....Favorite TV - Knots Landing....Hero - His father, Jack

Joe GIrardi: Hobbies - Golf...Favorite TV - Sanford and Son....Hero - Jesus

Mark Grace: Hobbies - Golf and Hockey....Favorite TV - Cheers...Hero - General Schwarzkopf and Magic Johnson (what a bizarre combination!)

Ryne Sandberg: Hobbies - Golf and Tennis....Favorite TV - America's Funniest Home Videos (another Bob Saget fan)...Hero - Pete Rose and President Bush (another strange combo)

Gary Scott: Hobbies - Tae Kwon Do....Favorite TV - Magnum PI and Family Ties....Hero: Magic Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dave Smith: Hobbies - Surfing and Fishing....Favorite TV - Arsenio Hall Show....Hero - Don Drysdale

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