Saturday, September 12, 2009

6 in 30, Cubs Style

I'm a little late with my turn at Dinged Corners' challenge. School started this week, and Wrigley Wax junior had his birthday (he was born 9-9-99), giving me little time to write. So I was posting items scheduled last weekend. I've finally got time to write again, so here are my 6 in 30.

All of my Cubs sets are in binders, with separate binders for each brand. The Topps cards are in smaller binders, one for each decade. It was an easy choice for me to pick my favorite binder, the Topps 1970's Cubs. These are the cards and players I grew up with, and choosing six cards was going to be tough. But I zipped through and pulled these six:

1970 Ron Santo - Look at his arm...they are huge. And this was an era when lifting weights was seen as something bad; it was going to make you too bulky and ruin your swing! The only negative--the picture was taken at Shea.

1972 Jose Cardenal Traded - This was Topps first traded card subset. and Jose was one of the six players included. The black batting glove and the "Traded" stamp are what caught my eye. This is a high number card, which makes it a bit more expensive to get. I've also not seen very many with decent vertical centering. And as soon as I finish writing this, I'm heading to ebay to see if I can upgrade this one.

1973 Bob Locker This card is so bad its good. I wrote about this way back in January, detailing the numbers airbrushed off of Locker's jersey and the big C placed on the center of the outfielder's jersey. Wow!

1974 Billy Williams A great card for many reasons, it is Billy's last Topps card as an active player with the Cubs. It's also a nice action shot taken at Wrigley Field. It was always a bonus for me when a card showed a Cubs player in the home pinstripes.

1975 Bill Madlock Lots of goodies here, too. Madlock's got a home uniform, a rookie trophy, and its an action shot. For some reason, I also like the orange and brown borders. There were several Cubs that had that color combination. Madlock became my favorite Cub when Billy Williams was traded.

1978 Bill Buckner This was Billy Buck's first Cubs card. We've got the home uni, even though the picture was shot in Arizona. Buckner quickly became my favorite after Madlock was traded. This was a favorite card of mine. Question...which is bushier, his mustache or his unibrow?!?

Thanks for the great idea, Dinged Corners. This was fun!


  1. Fantastic cards. Especially the Cardenal and the Santo. And being who we are, we like the Shea factor. :)
    1) 9-9-99 is far more impressive than 9-9-09, further proving that the past is better. Happy belated birthday to WW Jr.
    2) Bill Buckner's brow is not bushier than his massive mustache because technically that impressive brow is a nanomicron short of being uni. Still.

  2. The stamped TRADED from the traded cards from the '72 set always disturbed me. It's like they stamped the players like beef cattle.

    I always wondered why the stands are so yellow on the Billy Williams card.

    The Locker card is insane!

  3. Wow - Bill has enough hair there to keep a small country warm.