Tuesday, September 8, 2009

196(9) At A Time - Page 37

#320 - Dal Maxvill
We've got a nice looking shot of the Cardinal's shortstop at Shea. The 1968 season was his best as a player. He won the Gold Glove and hit a career high .253. He slumped badly in 1969, hitting only .175 in 466 at bats.

#321 - Jim McAndrew
He was on the Mets in 1969. Next card...

#322 - Jose Vidal
You can see that hatless Jose is in an Indians uniform, a team he played for in 70 games over three seasons as he shuttled between AAA and the Tribe. His .158 average would be the reason he never stuck with the big club. After hitting only .192 in 18 games for the Pilots he was traded to the Yankees, but never appeared with them or any other MLB team.

#323 - Larry Miller
Larry is another example of a player getting a shot because of expansion. He pitched in four games for the Mets in 1966, but spent the rest of '66 plus all of '67 and '68 in the minor leagues. Yet Topps deems him worthy of a card. Well, Topps blew it because Miller didn't pitch for the Orioles or any other team. Those games for the Mets in '66 were his last big league games.

#324 - Tigers Rookies
Les Cain didn't pitch for the Tigers in 1969, but did go 12-7 in 1970. Later in career he hurt his arm and claimed he was forced to pitch, ruining his career. He sued the Tigers for workman's comp and won a settlement of $111 per month for life. Current ESPN announcer Dave "Soup" Campbell played in only 32 games for the Tigers in 1969 and hit a miniscule .103.

#325 - Jose Cardenal
The halo on the top of Jose's hat means he's pictured in an Angel's uniform, though they traded him after the 1967 season. Jose hit .257 for the Indians in '68 and followed it up by hitting the exact same .257 in 1969. He would soon bounce around with the Cardinals and Brewers before ending up with the Cubs in 1972. The best years of his career were the seasons he spent with the Cubs.

#326 - Gary Sutherland
Sutherland was the Expos' 8th draft pick, taken from the Phillies. He was the starting second baseman their first season, hitting .239. He scored the franchise's first run and recorded their first put-out.

#327 - Willie Crawford
Crawford debuted with the Dodgers in 1964 nine days after his 18th birthday. He played bits of a season in LA the next four years before sticking in 1969. He played 129 games as an oufielder, playing in all three spots.

#328 - Joe Horlen
This shot of Horlen at Yankee Stadium gives us a good look at the TV numbers the Sox wore in the late '60's, one of a few teams to wear them. After going 19-7 in 1967, his career was in decline, never having a winning season again. He went 13-16 for a really bad Sox team. The Sox were so bad that the expansion Royals finished ahead of them.

Overall Set Totals (player cards only)
Hall of Famers - 19
Hatless - 72
Airbrush - 73
Cubs (includes past, present, or future) - 48

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  1. Many of the MLB uniforms are timeless - especially the Dodgers and Cardinals. I find the simpler they are the more I'm attracted to them and nothing is more basic than either red or blue.