Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2010 Final Roster, Final Numbers Part 2

Yesterday I looked at the 22 players who made an appearance for the Cubs and also had a Cubs card. Today I've got 22 more players, but not one of these had a Cubs card. That means that I was a very busy boy, creating a ton of fake cards. And it was a pain because of the name font that Topps used on the base cards.

I would think that some of these guys will be in the update set. I would expect Nady, Silva, and Gorzelanny to be there. But for the rest of the players, I think I might be it for them.

I've added games played to their stat line, since many of them had a brief time with the Cubs and you may not have even heard of them.

Mitch Atkins 5 games 0-0 6.30

Darwin Barney 30 games .241 0 HR 2 RBI

Justin Berg 41 games 0-1 5.18

Esmailin Caridad 8 games 0-1 11.25 ERA
He blew his arm out early in the season.

Welington Castillo 7 games .300 1 HR 5 RBI
We'll see if "The Beef" wins the backup job next spring; otherwise we'll be asking, "Where's the Beef?"

Casey Coleman 12 games 4-2 4.11 ERA
Started coming around in his last two starts and may be a serviceable number five starter.

Blake DeWitt 53 games .250 4 HR 22 RBI

Thomas Diamond 16 games 1-3 6.83 ERA
Not a diamond in the rough, instead rough on the diamond.

Sam Fuld 19 games .143 0 HR 3 RBI

Tom Gorzelanny 29 games 7-9 4.09

John Grabow 28 games 1-3 7.36 ERA
He was the bad lefty in the pen tore the MCL in his left knee in late June and was done for the season.

Jeff Gray 7 games 1-0 6.75 ERA
His time was so short I couldn't find an decent picture of him with the Cubs and had to fake this one.

Micah Hoffpauir 24 games .173 0 HR 5 RBI
His time to make it in the majors is just about up.

Bob Howry 24 games 0-3 5.66
Jim Hendry should have been fired the second the idea that Howry could still pitch popped into his head.

Scott Maine 13 games 0-0 2.08

Marcos Mateo 21 games 0-1 5.82

Xavier Nady 119 games .256 6 HR 33 RBI
He's just keeping first base warm until Adam Dunn or Adrian Gonzalez join the team next season.

Brian Schlitter 7 games 0-1 12.38 ERA
The look on his face says it all about Schlitter's schlitty time with the Cubs.

Carlos Silva 21 games 10-6 4.22 ERA
Heart trouble derailed a nice season.

Brad Snyder 12 games .185 0 HR 5 RBI

Jeff Stevens 18 games 0-0 6.11 ERA
Here's another one where the picture says it all.

Chad Tracy 28 games, .250 0 HR 5 RBI
He lasted with the Cubs until the end of June and is now with his third team this season.

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