Monday, October 25, 2010

Pro Debut Series 2

Topps Pro Debut Series 2 was recently released, but I haven't seen much at all about it. Do any of you bother with it? The main reason I collected it was because this was its first year. There isn't much special about it. The design is the same as the base and the players are mostly names you've never heard of. In fact, I bet most of the names are names you will never hear. I wonder if we look back at the set in five years what percent of the players will have made the majors?

I bought my Cubs set off of eBay. There were two different sellers with Cubs sets and each had ten players. The problem was that one of the ten players isn't in the Cubs organization any more. Josh Harrison was a Cubs draft pick in 2008 but he was traded to the Pirates last season in the Gorzelanny trade. I'm guessing that both sellers just looked at the "Drafted by" part on the card and assigned the players based on the team listed, not figuring that a player could have been traded. I wonder if I'm missing any Cubs because of that mistake?

I've got these two cards first because both of these players did see some time with the Cubs this season. Casey Coleman started a few games at the end of the season and was showing steady improvement. Welington Castillo, known as Beef to Cubs fans, saw a bit of action after Geovany Soto's season ended early. Beef went 6 for 20, good for a .300 average

For the rest of these guys, I've listed where they played in 2010 and a few stats.

Justin Bour
Class A Peoria 127 games .291 12 HR 87 RBI

David Cales
Class AA Tennessee 35 games 4-1
Class AAA Iowa 22 games 0-1

Jay Jackson
Class AAA Iowa 32 games 11-8

Su-Min Jung
Class A Peoria 22 games 7-4

James Leverton
Class A Peoria 19 games 5-1
Class A Daytona 26 games 4-0
Class AA Tennessee 4 games 1-0

Trey McNutt
Class A Peoria 13 games 6-0
Class A Daytona 9 games 4-0
Class AA Tennessee 3 gamaes 0-1

Josh Vitters
Class A Daytona 28 games .291 3 HR 13 RBI
Class AA Tennessee 63 game .233 7 HR 26 RBI
Season ended early due to a hand injury


  1. I actually like Pro Debut--it's nothing special, but by keeping the base design the same, it offers a fun supplement to the regular Topps offerings. I hope they keep it up next year. My only disappointment was that there were only THREE S2 Tigers cards!

  2. I was going to go the eBay route to grab the Mets minor leaguers from Series 2, but I decided to buy a box when Blowout Cards dropped them to $33.

    I like the set, but I'm worried that the poor sales for Series 2 will make Topps kill the line instead of fixing the problem (who wants minor league cards after the season's done? A big part of the market is autograph collectors who want something to get signed at the ballpark.)