Sunday, October 3, 2010

Star Sunday: 1989 Jerome Walton

Today's featured Star set is another one issued based on promise. The eleven card set of Cubs center fielder Jerome Walton came out in 1989, before the season was even finished. Luckily for Star, Walton won the Rookie of the Year. But 1989 would be his only decent season. In fact, his average was dropping as the year progressed and in my mind, Cubs right fielder Dwight Smith, who finished second in ROY voting, was a better player and should have won the Rookie of the Year.

As with the Grace set, because he is a rookie, Star doesn't have a lot to say. And make sure you look for the uncorrected error on the last two cards. Its a pretty big mistake and should be easy to spot. And its a mistake that makes this Cubs fan not too happy!

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  1. That's some impressive quality control they hve there.