Sunday, October 24, 2010

Star Sunday: 1991 Ryne Sandberg Millenium

I picked this set for a couple reasons. First, since Ryno didn't get the Cubs manager job, I wanted to give him his first runner up prize: being featured on Wrigley Wax. I'm sure that will take the sting out of losing the job. The other reason I picked this set is that all nine of the card's pictures were taken at Wrigley Field. I'm always partial to any card that shows the Cubs in their home unis.

Star Millenium got its name from the print run; there were only 1000 sets of each player produced. Ryne Sandberg was the only Cub included in the set. As with most Star designs, the focus is on the picture, since the rest of the card's design is minimal.

I think that Star Sunday has run its course. Though I've got at least 15 more Star sets, they are all of either Mark Grace or Ryne Sandberg. It would get pretty boring to look at nine more of these two each Sunday for the next three months. So next Sunday, it will be something else.

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  1. I enjoyed your Star Sunday. I look forward to seeing what you have next.