Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blown Saves

Cubs closer Carlos Marmol has had his share of blown saves this year. He is currently leading the National League with eight (EDITED at 5:50 p.m.... Crap...I knew I should have posted this on a day the Cubs didn't play....Marmol just gave up a grand slam to Derrek Lee, for blown save #9). That's the bad news. The good news is that with even that many, he is a long way off of the major league record for blown saves, which is 14, held by four pitchers. Now comes the really interesting part. Two of the four record holders are in the Hall of Fame! Do you think you can name them?

First, here are the two non-Hall guys

Ron Davis, who blew 14 for the Twins in 1984 while saving 29

Bob Stanley, blew 14 for the 1983 Red Sox, to go along with 33 saves

And now the Hall of Famers....did you come up with your guess?

Rollie Fingers, with 14 blown saves and 20 saves for the A's in 1976. Fingers also posted a 13-11 record. That's a lot of decisions for a reliever.

The other Hall of Fame save blower is....

I thought I'd show a non-Topps card, the 1978 SSPC Bruce Sutter

....the Cubs own Bruce Sutter, who let the lead slip 14 time in 1978 to go along with 27 saves. And Sutter was on the All Star team in 1978 and picked up the win.

Did you guess right?


  1. We call Ron David "He Who Must Not Be Named". I don't know HOW many games I attended that he ruined for us.

  2. ...and the organization that originally signed Ron Davis was....the Chicago Cubs! Apparently he never lost his "Cubbieness"

  3. I thought of your post when Lee hit the Home run. I'm happy for Derrek.