Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Earliest, Ever

One of the other Cubs items I collected in addition to baseball cards are pocket schedules. My collection goes back to the year I was born, 1961 (though I'm missing the '62...and one hasn't shown up on ebay in over a year and a half!).

Typically I'll get the schedules in the early spring. But not this year. Check out what the Cubs were giving out at the game last Saturday:

The 2012 schedule. I've never had a schedule for the following year when the current season is still being played. Of course, the schedule does say that games and dates are subject to change. And no game times are listed; Fox and ESPN haven't got their games picked yet though I don't think we'll see the Cubs on too many national games in 2012.

Here are some tidbits I gleaned from the schedule:
  • The season is starting a week later than in 2011, which means its ending a week later too, finishing in October.
  • The Cubs opener is at home, for the second consecutive season. They also finish the season at home.
  • The Marlins are listed on the schedule as "MIA" not "FLA" as they will become the Miami Marlins in their new ballpark in 2012.
  • Besides the White Sox, two AL teams come to Wrigley, the Red Sox and the Tigers. Other than the Cell, the Cubs visit only one other AL park, Target Field.
  • Six of the last nine games are against opponents outside their division.
Finally, take a peak at the back of the schedule.

Single game tickets go on sale March 9. In the past the Cubs have given out wristbands to fans lining up at the park. Some were there 24 hours early. And at you were stuck in the virtual waiting room for hours. But I bet next year you'll be able to walk right up to the ticket window, or go online and buy for just about any game.

I think I'll wait and see what bargains I can get.


  1. So still no idea when Tuffy Rhodes bobble head night will be?

  2. The Cubs paid attendance for the year was over 3 million. I'd like to know what the actual turnstile number was. A lot of no shows this year.

  3. Tuffy Rhodes Day would have to be Opening Day...the day his MLB career peaked!

    When I was at Wrigley, the paid attendance was 39,000. My guess was that there were 25,000 in the park. No-shows were definitely an issue this season. I wonder how many of those no-shows will turn into no tickets sold next season.