Saturday, September 17, 2011

Might As Well Show the Beckert Autograph

Since I showed the Don Kessinger autograph yesterday, I thought I might as well show my Glenn Beckert Autograph today.

This card was given to me early in my blogging days by a reader who had a bunch of extra Cubs to unload. The card is from Pacific Legends second series, released in 1989. Pacific didn't have any official autograph cards, so this would have been signed in person. I'm assuming its real.

Like Don Kessinger, Beckert started with the Cubs in 1965 and was with the team through the 1973 season. He won one gold glove and was named to four All Star teams. He was always the #2 man in the lineup. His job was to move Kessinger into scoring position so the big boys that followed (Williams, Banks, Santo) could drive in the run.

From the back of Glenn Beckert's 1970 card

Beckert was best known for making contact as a hitter. He was one of the toughest men to strike out in the National League. For four straight years, from 1966 -1969, he was the toughest to fan. He "slipped" to second in 1970 and third in 1971 before leading the league again in 1972. His career peaked in 1971 when he hit a career high .342.

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  1. I bought mine on ebay. It's a 1972 Topps. Here it is,