Thursday, September 29, 2011

Score 1991 - 1992

I've got the next two years of Score today. The thing that sets these two apart is the factory box.

I don't know for sure, but I would make the educated guess that this was the first time a company used a box other than the long narrow box for their factory set. As you can see from the pictures, the boxes held two rows of cards instead of the usual one. I would speculate that the reason for the change was the increase in the set size. Both years topped 900 cards, and the single row boxes were too small.

The 1991 set was made up of 900 cards plus 72 magic motion cards.

The rainbow had some additions. With the increased number of cards came some colors not used in the past, namely light green, black, and white. But despite the new colors, Score only used four colors, repeating each a second time
Blue - #1-110
Green - #111-220
Black - #221-330
White - #331-440
Blue - #441-550
Green - #551-660
White - #661-770
Black - #771-900

The 1992 set was the last time Score used the rainbow. The colors are:

Green - #1-110
Blue - #111-220
Orange - #221-330
Purple - #331-440
and then the rainbow repeated
Green - #441-552
Blue - #553-662
Orange - #663-772
All Stars, Awards, Highlights, 1st Round Picks - #773-810
Purple - #811-877
Dream Team - #878-893
Bonus Cards -B1-B17

And with that, it's good bye rainbow.

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