Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Now That's Something You Don't See Very Often

Last week I showed my new Don Kessinger autograph card. The post inspired me to go back and look at all of the Kessinger cards I've got. While doing so, I found something that you don't see very often a card.

This is the back of his first card, from Topps 1966. Now check out his vitals:

He's listed as Bats: Right

Now take a look at his card the following year

And again check the vitals

Now he's listed as Bats: Both

So what happended? Topps didn't make a mistake did they??

Actually, the back of the '67 card explains: "After a slow start at the plate in '66, Don took up switch-hitting and finished his sophomore season in the majors very strongly" Can you think of another player that became a switch hitter after becoming a major leaguer? And what about making the change during the season? I doubt that there are many cards of any modern player that has a change in batting position.

According to the 1967 Cubs media guide, Kessinger first batted as a lefty against the Astros in May. No date was given and the Cubs played the Astros five times during the month, so I couldn't narrow it down to a specific date.

Kessinger remained a switch-hitter the rest of his career. I first really started following the Cubs in 1969, so I only knew him as a switch-hitter. It wasn't until years later that I learned he started out as just a righty. But the change certainly made him a better hitter. As a righty only in 1965 he hit .201. The next year the average was up to .274.

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  1. They also misspelled Forrest City on the 1967 card.