Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hostess and Topps Side By Side

One final Hostess post...

The Hostess cards were produced by Topps. Today I thought it would be interesting to see it Topps "borrowed" any of the work for their flagship set and reused it with Hostess.

In looking over the 29 Hostess Cubs that I've got, I couldn't find a single instance of the same picture ending up on both a Topps and Hostess card. But, there were a bunch of cards that seem as if they share pictures from the same photo shoot.

I'll look at these player by player

Jose Cardenal, Hostess 1976 and Topps 1974....the big fro and Candlestick Park

Rick Monday, Hostess and Topps 1976; a couple spring training shots

Jerry Morales, both the 1976 and 1977 Hostess and Topps cards. The '76 cards are both at spring training; the '77s are at Shea, both taken in 1976 (the sleeve patches are the NL Centennial and Cubs Centennial patches)

Bobby Murcer, the two 1979 cards. This is one of the tougher ones. Both pictures are from spring training and it looks like he's got the same t-shirt under his jersey.

Rick Reuschel was the big repeat winner. He was the only Cubs player in all five Hostess sets and it looks like four of the five had photo shoot sharing. The only card not shared was the 1979 card.

Bruce Sutter The top two, and Candlestick in a jacket are pretty obvious. The bottom ones were a little tougher to spot. The Hostess card is from 1979, the Topps from 1977. It does seem like he has the little mustache and stubble in both.

Manny Trillo, 1978 Hostess and Topps, on the road in Candlestick, taken in 1977. The black band on the left sleeve is the marker on these, which the Cubs wore after team owner P.K. Wrigley died in April of 1977.

And with that, I'm done with Hostess....until I find a 1975 Rick Monday card!


  1. There were a few Topps auctions on eBay that featured airbrushed photos that ended up on Hostess cards. I have one saved somewhere of Rollie Fingers in a half Oakland/half Padre uniform.

  2. Great work on the photo research!