Tuesday, January 28, 2014

164 Less Cubs Cards This Year

Last year was my biggest ever in terms of Cubs cards.  I added 526 2013 card to the collection.  My next biggest year is 2011, when I added 505 cards during Topps 60th anniversary year.

The main reason for the massive total was the Cubs/Topps Archives Giveaway set.

There was the 82-card season ticket holder version and the 82 cards given away over four different dates during the season.  It was a great promotion and very well received.

And this year I'm going to come up at least 164 cards less than last year.  The Cubs have released their 2014 promotion schedule and there are no cards on the list.  The Cubs instead are busy celebrating Wrigley Field's 100th birthday.

Though not card related, they have come up with some great promotions.

First, they are going to wear throwback jerseys nine different times during the season.  Each jersey celebrates a different decade in the life of Wrigley Field.

Top Row (left to right):
--April 23: 1914 Chicago Federals-this is the date of the first game ever at Wrigley Field
--May 4: 1929 throwback
--May 18: 1937 throwback

Middle Row:
--June 8: 1942 throwback
--June 22: 1953 throwback
--July 13: 1969 throwback

Bottom Row:
--July 27: 1978 throwback
--Aug. 10: 1988 throwback
--Aug. 24: 1994 throwback

Pretty cool if you ask me!

Secondly, they are going to be giving away various decade-themed items. In most cases, there is a bobblehead for the grownups on one date and a toy for the kiddies on another:

1910's; Joe Tinker bobblehead, Diecast train engine
1920's: Red Grange bobblehead (a nice nod to the Bear's time at Wrigley), Yo-yo
1930s: Babe Ruth Called Shot bobblehead, Viewmaster
1940's: All-American Girls Baseball League bobblehead, Andy Pafko OYO Mini Figure
1950's: Ernie Banks bobblehead, Mr. Potato Head keychain
1960's: Gale Sayers bobblehead, Cubs Etch A Sketch
1970's: Jack Brickhouse bobblehead, Cubs Magic Baseball (Magic 8-Ball)
1980's: First Night Game bobblehead, Cubs Rubik Cube
1990's: Kerry Wood 20K bobblehead, Gracie the Swan Beanie Baby
2000's: Bobblehead TBA, Cubs Build-a-bear

Those are some totally awesome giveaways!

The marketing department seems to be on a roll.  If only the team on the field could match the performance of the marketing department.


  1. I'm disappointed there are no cards this year, but I do like this year's promotions. Those early throw back jerseys are really something to look. And you know I'll be going hard after the Wood 20K bobblehead.

  2. Is anyone a fan of those 1978 jerseys? I'll take one of the 1929's and of course my sentimental favorite. 1969. Any time they want to bring back the cute cubbie patch is fine with me.

    1. I didn't like them when they wore them, but over time they've kinda grown on me....so bad that they're good.

  3. I'm probably in the minority here, but my favorite is the 94 jersey. I also like the 29 one with the...groundhog?...beaver?...kangaroo? on it. I think the 53's are way too boring and I'm not a big fan of the 78 pajamas either.

  4. I really want the Ruth called shot bobblehead. I can't wait until the Cubs release a photo of it.