Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Drakes is Done!

Two months ago I decided to get the non-Topps Drakes cards of the Cubs.  Drakes put out their own sets for three years after ending a five year relationship with Topps.  From 1986-1988 they released a set, but these were on the boxes, similar to what Hostess did in the '70s.

There were two Cubs cards each of the three years, and I was able to get five of the six pretty easily.  The sixth one was the bugger.

The 1987 Ryne Sandberg card (along with Gary Carter and Harold Baines) was found on boxes of Drakes Chocolate Donut Delites.  They must not be too delightful, because the Sandberg card was scarce.  None were on Sportlots or COMC.  The ones that would pop up on Ebay seemed to be priced way too high.  So I was stuck playing the waiting game.

The game ended a couple weeks ago.  A seller had a full  box bottom available at a BIN price for three cards that was better than the price I've seen for just Ryno's card.  I hit the BIN.

Here's the panel.

Thinking a little more, I've got another idea as to why the card was hard to come by.  Drakes are a New York product.  Mets fans want the Gary Carter card, but could care less about Ryne Sandberg.  As they cut the Carter card off the box, maybe the Sandberg got messed up and then tossed.

Well, I wasn't too concerned about the Carter card.  I just wanted the middle of the sandwich.  I carefully cut along the lines and got... 1987 Drakes Ryne Sandberg.

Odd thing with this card...the door on the Wrigley Field outfield wall looks blue.  I remember them being brown, and more recently green.  But never blue.  Is my memory failing me or is it a color issue on the card.

I was able to get the Carter and Baines cards cut out too.  If anyone wants them, let me know and I'll get them out to you in a PWE.

My final tally for all the Topps and non-Topps Drakes Cubs is fifteen.

It's fifteen cards, but only seven different players.  Drakes definitely had their favorites.

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  1. Very cool run of Drakes cards! I've always enjoyed them, but I did such a bad job cutting out the box panels when I was a kid. I have a Dwight Gooden from the 8th annual series that is the size of a postage stamp because I went crazy trying to trim it. LOL

    I would def be interested in the Gary Carter! I'll find something cool to send your way in return!