Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Complete Set Collection

Yesterday I mentioned that I like to collect the complete set from the first year of release of any brand that I've got a run of Cubs cards.  Right now my Cubs collection is made up of cards from 86 different brands.

With each of the 86 brands, I've got all of the Cubs cards,  I won't usually add a brand to my checklist until I've got all the cards.

Here are the 86 brands, along with the number of Cubs cards in my collection:

BrandCubs Cards
Team Issued748
*Upper Deck607
*Stadium Club302
*Fleer Ultra251
*Topps Chrome246
*Topps Stickers163
*Allen & Ginter149
Factory Team141
*Collectors Choice104
*Opening Day102
*Greats of the Game81
*Gypsy Queen77
*SP Legendary Cuts71
*Turkey Red56
Retail Brands54
*Triple Play49
*Pro Debut48
*Diamond Kings43
*Baseball Heroes38
Fleer Stickers36
*Cracker Jack29
Dell Todays Cubs24
Sega Card Gen23
Milton Bradley20
Starting Lineup20
*Fan Favorite19
*Pacific Legends18
Galasso Glossy Greats17
Tip Top Bread15
*Cramers Baseball Legends   14
All Time Heroes of Baseball12
Chicago's Greats12
Decade 1970s12
Dexter Press12
Aunt Millies11
National Chicle11
Topps Stamps10
*Ted Williams8
Timeless Teams7
*Action Packed5
*Baseball's All Time Greats5
*Topps Kids5
Play Ball5
Sports Design Products5
Line Drive3

You'll notice that there were several brand names that started with an asterisk.  I have the first year issue complete set from each of those sets.  

There are 49 asterisks, though one needs a little explanation.  I've got one brand called "Retail Brands."  That general term covers all the retail sets that Topps issued with various retailers.  Woolworths, K Mart, Revco, etc....they are all included but would actually represent eleven more brands.

Here's are the other 48, listed by year of issue.  You'll notice a majority are from the late '80s and early '90s.

Allen & Ginter2006        Kelloggs 3D1970
Action Packed1993Leaf1985
Baseball Heroes2008Lineage2011
Baseball's All Time Greats1987Masterpieces2007
Bazooka1988Opening Day1998
Bowman1989Pacific Legends1988
Collectors Choice1994Pro Debut1990
Cracker Jack2004Select1993
Cramers Baseball Legends  1988SP Legendary Cuts  2001
Diamond Kings2002Stadium Club1991
Fan Favorite2003Swell1989
Flair1993Ted Williams1993
Fleer1981Topps Chrome1996
Fleer Ultra1991Topps Kids1992
Fritsch1988Topps Stickers1981
Gallery1996Triple Play1992
Goudey2007Turkey Red2005
Greats of the Game2000Upper Deck1989
Gypsy Queen2011Victory1999

So what's missing?

The most obvious would be the first year of Topps, 1952.   Well, that's not going to happen!

There are a few I may try to add....Decade of the '70s from 2001, T206 from 2002, T205 from 2003, Spectrum from 2007,   and National Chicle 2010.

All of the sets are kept in binders on one shelf unit.  The shelf area is pretty narrow, so I can't get a good shot of the full front.  This side shot is the best I can do.

The larger sets are in their own binder.  Smaller sets are combined into a binder with two or three others.  Here are each of the shelves...

Allen & Ginter is on the top...

....Binders will either one or two sets on the first and second shelves...

....and multi-set binders on shelf three and the bottom shelf.  Masterpieces and Kelloggs 3D are there too.

The bottom shelf is empty right now, ready for more sets to be added.


  1. That's amazing. Your wife must be happy that you keep your collection so neat. Not to get too personal but is she as organized as you are? Right now I think mine is a tad messier than me and that's pretty bad. In our defense we had to move somewhat suddenly (six months ago) to a smaller place and it's a challenge finding room for everything.

    1. Mrs. WW is a fairly organized person too, though not as extreme as me. My boys, however......let's just say that the organization gene must skip a generation!

    2. Can't blame yourself for not being a good role model.

  2. Nicely done, much more organised then i have it !

  3. Nice. I wish I had the room to binder all my sets, sadly most of them live in boxes.

    1. I am lucky that Mrs. WW let me use a corner of the basement for the world headquarters.

  4. That's the first shot of seen of the new Cubs calendar. Nice!

  5. See, that's what I was talking about in my last post about by organization. How timely. How much to come to my house and fix my problem??

  6. I need a massive shelf like that. Maybe it would inspire me to get off my keister and organize my massive Yankees collection. I have them all in boxes with a few binders here and there. If I start now, I may be finished sometime in 2016.

  7. I'm impressed with the organization of your collection...thanks for sharing the pics!