Wednesday, January 1, 2014

State of the Collection: Looking Back at 2013

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2014, the year of the World Champion Chicago Cubs!

(I can dream, can't I?)

My blogging tradition is to use the first post of the year to look back at my collection goals from the previous year.  The teacher in me also likes to give out grades.  So here we go...

GOAL #1: Add the following Cubs team sets as they are released: Topps flagship, Heritage, Opening Day, Factory Team set, Bowman, Allen and Ginter, Chrome, Gypsy Queen, and Update.
Grade: A....all of these were added as they came out, many with the help of super case-breaker Brentandbecca

GOAL #2: Add the complete sets of the flagship, update, and Allen and Ginter.
Grade: A...again done via Brentandbecca

GOAL #3: Add an autograph and/or relic card for any current Cub that is not already in my collection. Last year I stayed away from all the flagship autograph and relic cards, adding only new guys. I'm happy with that decision and will continue going in that direction.
Grade: A...this was pretty easy since so few new Cubs had relics or autographs.  I think there were only two or three cards that I had to get.

GOAL #4: Continue adding to the player collections, with a bigger focus on Darwin Barney and Billy Williams. I still need that '68 Williams OPC card. I'd also like to work on adding some Sandberg cards. I know that there are a ton of oddballs for him out there.
Grade: B...I've been keeping up with the Barney, and adding lots of Billy, but hardly any extra Rynos.

GOAL #5: Add one or two more T206 cards. Last year I bought my first three -- Tinker, Evers, and Chance. Adding a couple more Cubs each year is a long-term goal. Maybe some day I'll end up with all of them!
Grade: F...I didn't get any T206 cards, nor did I even try...I've kinda lost interest in them....for now.

GOAL #6: Add odd-ball sets. I plan to keep up my daily search of ebay for these.
Grade: B...I added a bunch of retail sets, but as time goes one, I'm finding fewer and fewer of these to chase.

GOAL #7: Enjoy working on goals 1-6. I'm in trouble when I can't meet this goal
Grade: A...still enjoying the hobby and still enjoying sharing it.


  1. That's awesome! Solid GPA for you. One of my goals was to add a T206 of an Athletic to my collection this year... but I too lost interest as well. Or maybe I should say my wallet convinced me to look elsewhere. Happy New Year!

  2. As long as you get an A on Goal 7, the other grades don't really matter.

  3. Lot of A's on that report card. Congrats on being successful on a lot of your goals.