Friday, January 10, 2014

The Riot Retires

Former Cub shortstop Ryan Theriot announced his retirement on Monday.

The odd thing is that he didn't play at all in the 2013 season.  It seems to me that he was already retired.  He was a free agent coming into the season. He claimed that there were teams interested in signing him, but they couldn't guarantee him the playing time he was looking for.  So Theriot passed.  Instead of playing part-time, he played no-time.

But now he's made his retirement official.

The Cubs drafted Theriot in the third round of the 2001 draft.  He worked his way through the chain and made his MLB debut in September, 2005.  He split the 2006 season between the Cubs and AAA, sticking for good after July 24.  

Theriot spent the next three and a half seasons as the Cubs shortstop.  He was a decent hitter, though mostly singles.  In fact, he led the NL in singles for three straight season, from 2008 - 2010.  

When Starlin Castro burst onto the scene during the 2010 season, Theriot became expendable and he was traded to the Dodgers on July 31.  He spent the 2011 season with the Cardinals, the 2012 season with the Giants, and the 2013 season on his couch.

I've got a total of 32 different cards that show Theriot with the Cubs.  I picked a couple of the oddest ones to show.

....This jersey card is from the 2012 Allen and Ginter set.  Remember, the Cubs traded Theriot in 2010.  Why on earth is he shown as a Cub two seasons later?


These cards are from Upper Deck's final season with an MLB license, 2009.  For some unknown reason, UD had mulitple cards of several players, one in Series One and another in Series Two.  The two Theriot cards look almost identical.  What is the point??

Here are all 32 of my Cubs cards of Ryan Theriot

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  1. My wife met him at O'Hare once. She said he had huge hands. Didn't he talk trash about the Cubs after he left? Too bad the Cajun Connection never quite became Kessinger and Beckert. It was fun for a while.