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1987 Classic Baseball Game

This was the only post on this set that I had figured I would be writing  Circumstances led me to write another one a couple days ago.  Thank you to those who left comments....I left a neutral and dinged his stars.

It was just about two years ago that I started collecting the Cubs cards from the Classic Baseball Board games.  The first set of 100 cards came out in 1987.  One or two sets a year followed these through 1992.  I ended up with 62 Cubs cards.

In addition to Cubs cards, I also collect complete sets. I try to get the first complete set for any of the brands that I've put together for my Cubs collection.  That means that I would be after the first set from Classic, the 1987 green set.

The cards were not sold separately, but the 100 card set was a part of the Classic Baseball board game.  Trivial Pursuit was a very popular game at the time and there were many copy cat games put out by other companies.  Classic Baseball was one of those games.

The back of each card contains five questions...single, double, triple, home run, and rookie.  The first four questions were for older players while the rookie question was for young kids.

Each player would spin the spinner and either get a question, a walk, or an out.  They played like a regular inning of baseball.  Correct answers moved you around the bases.  Incorrect answers were outs.  Your turn was over when you got three outs.

Scoresheets provided with the game were used to keep track of each player.  There could be as many players as you wanted since there was no head-to-head competition.

With 100 baseball cards, that made 400 questions for regular players.  It would be very unlikely to have the same question used more than once in a game.

The players didn't have any real connection to the questions on the back.  They didn't have just Cubs questions on Sandberg's card, or catcher questions on the card of Gary Carter.  The baseball cards just made it more interesting that a more plain Trivial Pursuit type card.

The players on the card the big names of the day, for the most part.  I counted 20 current Hall of Famers (Gary Carter, Dave Winfield, Rickey Henderson, Barry Larkin, Reggie Jackson, Tony Gwynn, Ozzie Smith, Ryne Sandberg, Carlton Fisk, Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, George Brett, Eddie Murray, Cal Ripken, Kirby Puckett, Jim Rice, Wade Boggs, Mike Schmidt, Nolan Ryan, Goose Gossage).

They weren't evenly divided among the 26 teams, though.  The Cubs, Pirates, and A's only had one player each while 11 Mets and 10 Red Sox were included.

Here are the 100 players, listed by team.
Reggie Jackson24
Wally Joyner6

Jose Canseco46

Kevin Bass17
Nolan Ryan82
Glenn Davis28
Mike Scott81
Dave Smith66

Blue Jays
Jesse Barfield58
George Bell56
Tony Fernandez57

Bob Horner38
Dale Murphy37
Andres Thomas7

Rob Deer43
Paul Molitor45
Robin Yount44

Vince Coleman30
Willie McGee31
Tim Raines29
Ozzie Smith32
John Tudor77
Todd Worrell97

Ryne Sandberg35

Pedro Guerrero39
Orel Hershiser92
Rick Honeycutt93
Steve Sax20
Fernando Valenzuela91

Andres Galarraga71
Jeff Reardon94
Floyd Youmans98

Chris Brown65
Mike Krukow67
Jeff Leonard64
Brett Butler36
Brook Jacoby40
Mark Langston89
Jim Presley48

Rick Aguilera79
Gary Carter5
Lenny Dykstra2
Sid Fernandez74
Dwight Gooden72
Keith Hernandez4
Dave Magadan19
Roger McDowell76
Bob Ojeda73
Jesse Orosco75
Darryl Strawberry3

Don Aase99
John Habyan95
Fred Lynn23
Eddie Murray51
Cal Ripken, Jr.52

Steve Garvey27
Goose Gossage96
Tony Gwynn26
Lance McCullers80

Von Hayes63
Mike Schmidt62

Tony Pena34

Pete Incaviglia16
Larry Parrish25

Red Sox
Marty Barrett61
Don Baylor14
Wade Boggs60
Dennis Boyd85
Roger Clemens84
Pat Dodson8
Rich Gedman49
Bruce Hurst83
Jim Rice59
Rob Woodward69

Tom Browning78
Eric Davis21
John Franco100
Barry Larkin18
Rob Murphy70
Dave Parker33
Pete Rose1

George Brett47
Bo Jackson15
Bret Saberhagen88

Kirk Gibson9
Jack Morris90
Lance Parrish50

Gary Gaetti54
Kent Hrbek53
Kirby Puckett55

White Sox
Harold Baines42
Carlton Fisk41

Ron Guidry68
Rickey Henderson12
Don Mattingly10
Mike Pagliarulo22
Dan Pasqua13
Dennis Rasmussen87
Dave Righetti86
Dave Winfield11

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  1. Eleven Mets? God, remember those good old days when they didn't suck and everyone hated them because they were so good...